**EDIT: There's been an update to where life is - which is still in London, but a bit more permanently now. Keeping the bio below for old time's sake now, but read on to for a bit more of a current 'about me' HERE**

Well hello!
I'm Caity.
A 26 year old American girl
who is currently trying to make a life across the pond in London.

I began blogging back in 2011 when I was in university and about to
set out on a study abroad semester, taking myself out of America for the first time,
and across the world to London.
For Five months, I lived in a flat with a few other girls
right in the heart of the city, where I was able to get a taste of how the royals live.
Meaning - we were neighbors to the Houses of Parliament,
and Westminster Abbey became my daily alarm clock.
Don't worry - I've prepared myself to never live like that again.
I was paired to live with a girl
who not only became one of my best friends,
but also shared the love for the UK that overcame me.
Enter: Heather
My old London roommate, turned new London roommate.
You'll be hearing about her a lot on here,
as we have made the move back to the city together,
and are pretty much a package deal now.
Heather and I clicked entirely too quickly when we met, but for all good reason.
We became a little Euro-skipping duo in those months abroad.
We drank a little, we danced a lot,
and we always managed to have a great time wherever we ended up in the world.
Coming out of this amazing experience,
we both knew that the UK was where we belonged.
And for the next few years,
we began the difficult journey in finding a way to get back,
where we wouldn't have to go through the heartbreaking experience
of leaving again.
It seems as though we had been through Plans A-Z and back again,
but over two years later and the work had paid off.
This past August we made the one-way flight to London.
I'll be the first to tell you,
it's not what I thought it would be,
but at the same time - it's still everything I've ever wanted,
and I've never been prouder or more accomplished for listening to my heart and finding my way back to where I felt at home,
no matter how impossible it may have seemed at times.

I originally used this in the past
to ramble on about everything I did studying abroad and preparing to move.
I didn't realize how much would happen since then
that I felt was worth writing down.
But I love this little keepsake of memories,
and I plan to continue for as long as I have stories to tell. 


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