I've Been Everywhere

Not really. Just not on here. SORRY.
(I was also looking for a good excuse to get some Cash in here. You're welcome.)

It's been a month. A year? Let's just leave it at - it's been hectic. But I'm working on it - I am coming back! Big things are happening - you'll just have to wait for it.

Barcelona, Brighton, Liverpool, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, and of course, my one true love - London - have taken up my life lately, and there will be recaps. But today, we're talking about something even better. BURGERS AND BEER.

Before I disappeared to America for the month of June, isolated from my Macbook due to plug adapter issues, the lovely team at Pr and Everything In Between - who you'll now find at their hot new rebranded, The Fitting Room - invited me to check out the reopening of The Diner in Camden.

The Diner can be found all across London, serving you up the best of America. Burgers, hot dogs, chilli cheese fries, You name it, they'll have it. Even better? They've got a fab rooftop bar so you can have the best of both worlds - burgers, booze, and sweet, sweet sunshine.

We spend the evening in the sunset, packed with a DJ, break-dancer, and all the food and booze your hungry heart could want. My verdict? RECOMMEND.

You can find The Diner in 8 locations across London - find them and their packed menu HERE. And when you do go - take me with you. CHEESE FRIES.


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