Impossible Live - Noel Coward Theatre

A break-dancing card shark, a blindfolded crossbow daredevil, and a SOMETHING walk into a theatre...

Could be a lame joke, or a true story. AKA - my night at Impossible on the West End.

Last week, Heather and I headed out into the world of magic at the Noel Coward Theatre. Packed in with all walks of life - children, seniors, tourists, and locals - we were ready (or hoping) to be amazed.

There were a few tricks that I had seen or learned before through growing up or common sense, but the best parts of the show came from mind reader Chris Cox and stuntman Jonathan Goodwin. And I'll mention Ben Hart because he managed to take someone out of the audience and move her from one side of the stage to the other, but I'm slightly bitter that I wasn't chosen for that trick... 

Chris Cox - an overly excited, goofy guy dressed in suspenders and a bow-tie, went through the audience at random, guessing names, thoughts, even down to what people had for lunch that day. Pulling up volunteers to choose outfits from behind a dressing curtain, he was spot on with just about everything. I'm STILL baffled by how he's able to do this!

The best way to explain Jonathan Goodwin probably comes straight from his bio -
'Jonathan has been hanged, buried alive, hung from helicopters, free solo’d skyscrapers, and performed a straitjacket escape from a burning rope hanging 300ft up in the air from the London Eye.'

Hm. Okay Jonathan. You do you.

We managed to see him do a few of these tricks - well, the audience did. I closed my eyes. It's a little much for me to watch someone shoot a crossbow at his wife blindfolded. But he did just that, and many more over-the-scale insane tasks.

The entire group was full of crowd-pleasers, and the show came full circle in the end by bringing up a young aspiring magician to help out with a trick. And we did leave the theatre in a full-on 15 minute 'How did they do that???' conversation, so I'd call the show a success.

Impossible runs at the Noel Coward Theatre until 27 August 2016. Show times are from Monday - Saturday 730PM, with 2PM matinees on Tuesday and Saturday. To get the best deals on tickets, visit to grab your seats now!


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