Night Sorted at CopaCabana

Imagine this - a beach chair right on the water, Brazilian Caipirinhas, and all the chicken and chips you can eat. And to top it off - doughballs with Nutella. Yes - NUTELLA.

Lucky for me - this was a reality.  Right along Southbank, Cabana has partnered up with the Southbank Centre to create CopaCabanaBeach, a summer pop up in celebration of the Rio Olympics.

Rachel (find her at Lunching Above Our Weight) and I hit up CopaCabanaBeach after work last week because - well, because rum. We walked up to a food truck with a bar linked to it, filled with beanbags and beach chairs to lounge under the summer sun (I use that loosely - remember, we ARE in London...).

A range of Brazilian cocktails with a side of sweet potato fries and malagueta chicken, which Rachel assured me was absolutely fantastic. Followed by their chocolate rain donuts and some champagne, the night could not have been better.

Mouth watering of too many rum cravings now? Worry not - this pop up will be on Southbank for the remainder of the summer. And not just that - Cabana has got locations all over London with even more goodies on their menu, so you can hit them up year-round. Rachel and I already have plans to grab a bite at their Covent Garden location this week.

Just. Too. Good.

Find more information about their locations & menu on their website, HERE!


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