House of Song; The Piano Works

The Piano Works is a freshly opened live music venue just a short walk away from the Farringdon Station.
And I say venue because it is much, much more than just a bar.

Live music, delicious snacks, and, of course, cocktails;
some of the greatest cocktails I have EVER drank, to be exact.
Which is saying a lot ...  I've had my fair share of cocktails.

Thanks to the lovely girls at PR&EI, I was invited to check out a launch event right before the opening this past weekend.
Being welcomed with Prosecco was one thing, but it was the dimmed lighting, alluring atmosphere, and live music that really caught me.

The Piano Works is essentially what it sounds like.
Two pianos along with a backing band take song requests from the crowd through napkins placed all over the bar.
Creative, if you ask me.

We challenged them with some of our favorite obscure oldies,
and they surprisingly pulled off most every one,
especially a great Maybe I'm Amazed.
Yes, obviously we threw some Macca requests in there.
Do you know who I am?

Throughout all of this were different presentations of drinks and nibbles.
I have to hand it to this staff - I have never been waited on so promptly.
It was like once I finished a drink, within 30 seconds
I'd have someone coming up to me asking what I'd like next.
And these drinks were so good, there was no way I was going to turn one down.

While all the drinks were incredible, the Almond Hazlenut Sour gets on only the spotlight on this post,
but of any drink I've ever featured on this blog.
Both almond and hazelnut liquors mixed together with egg whites and lemon,
this drink is so good, I literally think it should be added to all buckets lists as something that needs to be tasted before you die.
Or over-dramatic. Either one.
But damn, it's good.

Mini rolls were also being brought around, for good reason.
With this many cocktails offered, food is a must.

The rolls were a variety of tuna, crab, chicken, and chili dogs.
Heather and I chomped on the Veggie Burgers, served with a bit of mint and mayo with fresh rocket.
We ate three - if you were going to ask if we enjoyed them.

It was one of the best venues I've ever been able to check out in London,
and I can guarantee if there's ever a place I'd go back to a second time - this is it.
I would recommend anyone with a free night to get out 
and if for some reason, you are looking for more reasons to go,


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