Fab Four Friday

Being (probably overly) intertwined in the coolest community in the world - The Beatles -
I made a friend who offered to give me a backstage peek at Let It Be Live, currently playing at the Garrick Theatre.

Theatre ... and The Beatles ...
As if I could ever be more in my element than this day.

We got to watch a bit of soundcheck from all over the theatre,
and I'm back to report that YES - the view from the box is actually as good as they say.


Making our way backstage, we saw sound guys doing sound things, recreated guitars
(mighty fine & almost exact, I will say!),
and the many many costumes that are used throughout the night.
And more guitars. A LOT of guitars.

And no - was not successful in taking one home with me.
There's always next time.

How many can you name?

We also got a glimpse from the stage,
where we could get a view of what the guys see every night.

I'll tell you - imagining a sold out house felt incredible in an empty theatre;
I can't begin to understand how thrilling it would be when it's actually real.

While I tried and tried,
ultimately I was shot down as a sub-drummer for the night.
It just seemed like SUCH a big deal that I've never really played before?
I didn't get it either.

'John' has got a mini set list underneath the piano to follow with,
along with a few starting words to a certain song to help him remember the lyric order.
Which I thank him for - because after seeing that, I'm never going to forget that order either.

It was very cool to see how the show looks from the other point of view.
And I'd never actually been on a West End stage before, so I was a bit giddy about that too.

And having the centerfold for this entire visit was The Beatles.
And there's nooooooooothing in the world I like more than some rousing good ol' Beatles things!

Let It Be Live runs at the Garrick until 5 September 2015 - see it while you can!
Performances run from Monday - Saturday 7:30PM with matinees Thursday & Saturday 3:00PM.
Get your tickets HERE.


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