Fab Four Friday

This will forever be one of my favorite Beatles tunes.
Just because it's great.
And sometimes you don't need a better reason than that.

We Can Work It Out has two distinct melodies in it - both way too catchy.
I remember the first time I really heard a lot of Beatles songs, and this is one of the most memorable.
On our first visit to the Cavern Club, we decided to catch the tribute band that plays on Saturday nights,
and this song specifically played, and I was - of course - jamming hard.

The next day we woke up in the hostel, I was talking to Heather about the songs I knew and liked.
And I specifically remember saying,
"There was this one that is really fast, then gets really slow, then it gets fast again... and that's the only way I can describe it.."
We spent about 20 minutes searching on her iTunes because it was right on the tip of her tongue.

Really slow .. then really fast .. then gets really slow .. then fast again ..
Um .. what?

She finally found it and absolutely knew it was the exact song I was talking about.
And I still tell her to this day I will never be more impressed by anything she does after finding that song
from that poor, poor description.


- The song was recorded in only two days, amounting to about 11 hours.

- The song was written about arguments with Paul's then girlfriend Jane Asher.
Who I love. And hope Paul is still regretting ruining the relationship.
Because, to put it simply - Jane. Is Perfect.

- It was released as a double a-side single with Day Tripper.
There were disputes about which song should be the a-side and which the b-side.
So instead of figuring out who gets their way,
they just went on and made them both a-sides - releasing the world's first double a-sided singles.
Because they are THE BEATLES. And they can do whatever the hell they want.

 I could watch the promo videos for this over and over.
How cute is Paul cracking up at John - they're having so much fun!

Happy Friday!


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