Boozing for Brunch at Scarlets

Last weekend I was invited to check out the new & chic restaurant right in the heart of Covent Garden, Scarlet's.

And lucky for Heather and I, this brunch happened to be on the Fourth of July.
As the annoying American's the world knows best, of course we were celebrating.
A boozy brunch? What a perfect way to start.

We were welcomed with a delicious Bellini on arrival,
and after this being the second time it happening,
I'm thinking about sending in a formal request to everywhere I show up to, for champagne at the door.
Brunch, bars, work, home ... does it really matter where? It's Champagne.

Scarlet's is a gorgeous place, filled with cute vintage-like furniture, wall hangings, and lights.
Flowers on the tables, water-colored menus - cute enough to contemplate if they could design my next flat's decor.

We were given Bloody Mary's to start the brunch with
which, while they aren't my thing, Heather downed hers. So you know it was good.
I grabbed a Rum Punch once the waiter came by and woooooow was it delicious!
Fruity, tangy, and very rummy - I absolutely loved it.


The food was just as tasty as the drinks we had before.
I ordered an Eggs Florentine - which I had never had before - and I think my life has changed forever.
These eggs were PERFECTLY poached, and the creamy hollandaise just completed it.
I was full as could be, but I could have easily eaten another one.


To finish off, we were given the new Alcoholic Popsicles to sample.
These come in three flavors - Mojito, Gin & Tonic, and Vodka & Perrier - all with fruit frozen inside.
Literally, I couldn't think of anything else except, 'this is what summer tastes like.'
AKA - Delicious. So good.


The morning was a great way to start off the day,
which was later filled with the only things that really matter in the USA;
more alcohol, country music, and a disgusting, overbearing amount of red, white, and blue.


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