Working Abroad & How You Can Make It Happen

I've been very much in 'London-mode,' as I've been living here for almost ten months now.
But I wanted to back to the expat-topic a bit and talk about my time being here in regards to working.

While I'm still in London for university, it's been much different than my last time here.
I'm able to work now - let me rephrase that;
I NEED to work here now because I need to pay rent - also different from my previous stay.
I've had a few jobs here now; which I think has been good. I can broaden where my experiences lay and get more of a feel for what it is like to work in the city.

If you aren't going into university like I did,
there are still different ways you can still make these dreams happen.
Before I decided on getting my degree, I had looked into a program called BUNAC.
This company assists in finding internships and work in the UK & Ireland for a set period of time.
It's a great way to get over into the country, make some money while you are there, and connect with people that may be the ones to help you with your career in the long run.

From my experience and sharing it with local friends and others who want to go out and explore the world,
The US is a great place to work as well.  As an born and raised American, I know the benefits and impacts working within the country can have on students from outside countries.
And luckily, there are outlets that offer assistance for that too.
The International Student Company (The ISC) specializes in assisting qualified students & young professionals
from all over the world in finding work in the United States.
All of these positions are either paid internships or entry-level work, so no worries about making an income; you will be paid.

Similar to the programs I considered, The ISC they help with visa paperwork, pre-departure & arrival orientations, as well as on-going support throughout your stay.
On top of this, they offer guidance and advice in your CV & resumes to make sure you land that dream role.

I can't tell you how grateful I was to have someone there for me on my first time abroad
when I had, to put it lightly, absolutely no idea what in the hell was going on.
I still had the freedom of feeling independent in the city, but if there was ever a problem
or something that I needed, I always had that there for me.

On top of it all, these programs are just a fantastic way to get abroad.
If you have never studied or traveled like I have, and found that love for exploring the world,
The ISC is a way to give you that insight and let you experience something that you never have before.
Get a taste of someone else's world, understand culture outside your own.
It's necessary. Believe me.

Check out The International Student Company on Facebook here, or at their website here!

*This post was sponsored by The International Student Company,
but I wouldn't write about anything I didn't feel dearly about.
And exploring the world is definitely something that I do! :D 


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