If you follow anything of mine, I won't have to explain much about my week, as I'm sure you've already seen.

After I finished up my finals, Heather and I had the entire next week (last week) booked up with just about everything that I am in love with.
You should already know this by now too. It's Paul McCartney and Liverpool.

Paul started his European tour last weekend, and Heather and I had booked tickets to see him on Saturday.
It was an amazing show, despite being so far away from the stage -
a much different view than the last time I saw him!

Even so, seeing Paul from anywhere is always a highlight in my life.
After this show, we didn't have our next show booked until the coming Thursday,
where we would be seeing Paul again in Liverpool.
THIS was the show I was dying for.
Seeing a Beatle in his hometown - and that hometown being my favorite place in the world?

BUT - before that even happened,
those crazy Beatles vibes that keep coming around appeared again,
and Heather and I were off on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Birmingham
where a friend of ours had left guest passes and floor seats waiting for us.
My mind is still blown about this, and I am pretty sure I owe him my life for these.

We went to a pre-show reception, where we met a few of the band mates, their friends & family,
and it was just insane. I felt like a fly on the wall to the in crowd. And I was loving it more than ever.

The show was incredible - we happened to be in the 12th row
and I danced so much I was surprised my legs didn't buckle in by the end of it.

This is Abe Laboriel Jr., who plays the drums for Paul.

And the best part? The next day we were headed on a train to Liverpool to see him AGAIN!
Call me crazy - I will probably agree.

The show in Liverpool was a special one.
This was where Paul was brought up, as well as the beginnings of The Beatles.
You could tell how happy he was to be home, and he was rocking so hard the entire time,
and yes - we were rocking right with him!

After the show we headed down to Mathew Street - or as I like to call it; home.
We jumped down into the Cavern and the other bars around,
where we ended up meeting the family of Pete Best
who you may know as the guy who got kicked out of The Beatles.

The next day we headed outside of the City Centre,
which was great because we rarely walk around further what's around Mathew Street.

We went out to John Lennon's house and Strawberry Fields,
found a cute cafe with the sweetest owners,
and then headed over to St. Peter's Church for a pretty legendary show.

The show was put on by The Quarrymen,
and if you haven't heard of them - they are the first band that John Lennon started back in 1956.
The guys that we saw were the actual Quarrymen; meaning, the guys that were with John at that time.
St. Peter's Church Hall is also the building where Paul met John for the first time, auditioned, and was accepted into the band.

So here we are - in the building where the beginning of just about everything happened,
with the very guys who were witnesses to it.
My mind was blown.
My mind is STILL blown.

That's John Lennon in the center of that first picture.
The guys surrounding him are the ones below.
Literally standing in the spot where John Lennon met Paul McCartney for the first time.
I will never be able to fully grasp this.

After The Quarrymen's show, we headed back to Mathew Street for some more fun.
We met up with some friends and hung out with them for the night,
and this continued on through the weekend.

My ears are muffed, my body is sore, my photos are blurry,
but it was a filled with my favorite music and my favorite people,
so I'm a very happy gal.

Seeing Paul McCartney three times, a show from The Quarrymen, and a weekend in Liverpool?
I'd say it was definitely a week for the books.
And I stand by my continuous statement - Liverpool is the greatest city in the world.



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