Don't Forget The Ones That Love You

I've spent the last two weeks in the states visiting family in Florida and friends in Kentucky.
After a crazy travel debacle, I made it back to London on Monday morning,
and white the happiness I feel to be back in the UK is not at all shocking,
having a break home couldn't have came at a better time.

I had this terrible anxiety the weeks before my trip.
Every time I have left London in the past years, it had always been a one-way flight
and the future of when I would be back in the city was unknown.
I was having of a Pavlovian reaction,
feeling like I had to do everything in the world before I got on that plane.
Heather literally had to sit me down and tell me, 'Caity. YOU ARE COMING BACK.'

And, of course, I did come back.
It's a great problem to have, loving a place so much that you don't want to leave.
But going home at this particular time was the best thing I could have done.

I have lived in London for almost a year now.
And while I love it - absolutely, with all my heart, love it -
it is one of the most stressful and difficult things I've ever done in my life.
The stress and anxiety of taking that jump and making your life how you want it is terrifying,
and stressful - did I already mention that?

Two weeks away gave me that little break to clear my head,
and see the ones who love and support me most in this crazy ride.

To have these dreams that may seem irrational or impractical to some,
and have people that believe in me that I can make it happen?
And not only that - but allow me to go off and do the things I need,
then welcome me home, even if only temporary, with open arms as if I never left.
I'm a very, very lucky girl.

I'm all for making your dreams come true;
in fact, I annoyingly URGE you to go out and do that.

But don't forget about the ones you left behind.
Because they are the reason why you're able to do this.
Without my parents raising me to go for what I believe in,
or the friends who still manage to talk to me daily after not seeing me for months/years at a time,
without any of these folks who support what I do, who tell me how proud they are of what I am doing,
there is no way in hell I would be where I am.

So this post is a big thank you to them,
and a reminder to you;
don't forget about the ones that love you.

Whether things work out the way I've planned,
or take a completely different turn from this,
they are ALWAYS there to cheer me on.


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