Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

This weekend, Heather and I made a trip over to Bethnal Green for one of our favorite pastimes..

It was a quick tube ride on the Central Line over the Bethnal Green to the Affordable Vintage Fair,
and about 2 minutes away from the station until we were at York Hall where the event was held.
The room was lined with tables of different sellers full of gorgeous goodies.

They have so many great finds - from clothing to jewelry to some great trinkets and toys.
Whether you are looking to find something to bring home or just simply browse,
it's a great place to get away for a few hours.

While Heather and I wanted to window-shop,
of course that was impossible.
We managed to grab some vintage jewelry
as well as these adorable shift dresses that I'm going to ask you not to judge if you see us wearing them every day.
How cute are they?!

Day ... and money .. well spent, I'd say.

Find Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair on Facebook here
or check out there website here to stay up to date on future events!


Do I need to tell you what day it is?
I think we've been through this enough now.


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