Fab Four Friday

Today's a fun day.
Because we are going to talk about a song Paul wrote that was literally dedicated to marijuana.

Got To Get You Into My Life is one of my favorites off Revolver.
It's upbeat, catchy, and will definitely get stuck in your head for the day.

1. The song reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100.
This song. Literally about marijuana.
Really though,
who writes a song about weed and it's actually GOOD?

2. John thought this was one of Paul's best songs,
and others have called it 'one of the most overlooked songs of Revolver.'

3. It has been covered by everyone
from Diana Ross & The Supremes to Joe Pesci (?) to The Four to Ella Fitzgerald
and to Earth Wind & Fire - who reached #1 on Billboard's Hot Soul Singles Chart.

 The album version is great, but I am partial to the Anthology version.
I love raw versions of their music, but there are also so many little additions in this recording.
From the extra backing vocals to Paul's "somehow someway" addition into the chorus
to John's cheeky little hum at the end,
I just love it so much.

But then again, I do love everything - so are you really surprised?


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