28 April 2015

Selfies & Happy Meals

Friday night, I was invited to sample the new drink/food menu from Foundation Bar.
I was sold when they told me there were Happy Meals.

Located right in the heart of Covent Garden, it's convenient to pop in whether it's after a day in the office or a night on the weekend.
Looking like a 'night out bar' with crazy cocktails being their centerpiece, though,
I wasn't sure what to expect of the food.
But with pizza, fries, burgers, and grilled cheese, it just wouldn't be like myself to say no to this.

The menu was full of delicious things - all laid out to your appetite.
There were sharing plates, nibbles, and full meals to choose from.
Heather decided on the Veggie Burger & I went for the Hand Rolled Pizza,
because, well, it's me. And pizza.

While waiting, we decided to start with some drinks.
Now, I've seen some weird drinks, but Foundation has got to be the front-runner for this.
So many mixtures of liquors, beers, and ciders I hadn't heard of,
all served in a mixture of tin cans, mugs, and teapots.
Most coming with an extra addition that may be a jaffa cake, marshmallows, or cheese and crackers.
My first drink came with jelly beans in it, so I needed no convincing that I was going to enjoy it.

The best part about the night was that everything we ordered came out within less than ten minutes,
even the food. Which never happens, ESPECIALLY in London!

It was all a delicious mix of great eats - all served in a hefty portion,
but don't think any less of us - we destroyed it.
Way too good to let go to waste.

As time went on, more people came and you could see the shift from a casual happy hour
to crazy crowds ready to rage,
which really makes it a 'best of both worlds' type of place.

And if you're looking for great cocktails mixed with a feast of comfort foods.
Which, let's be real - who isn't?
This will be your place.

Thank you to Foundation Bar & PRandEverythingInbetween for a great night out!


Happy Tuesday!

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I pretty much just stalk her blog hoping someday my dreams will come true
and I'll finally go to Iceland.

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25 April 2015

Sweeney Todd: Harrington's Pie and Mash Shop

It was the season of Sweeney!

London had two productions of Sweeney Todd playing within the past few weeks.
A huge production from the ENO starring Emma Thompson and Bryn Terfel,
and a smaller fringe transfer with Jeremy Secomb and Siobhan McCarthy.

The last time I was in London, Imelda Staunton and Michael Ball starred in a production
at the Adelphi Theatre, that for some reason I just 'decided I didn't feel like going.'
I'm still working on forgiving myself for that.

SO, with that traumatic experience of stupidity looming over my head, I knew I had to see at least one of these.
With ENO's production prices in the hundreds and Tooting Arts Club's all sold out, though,
I was pretty sure Sweeney himself was blatantly holding this show just out of my reach.

Luckily though, I stumbled on the website one day to find a single seat returned for Tooting Art's Clubs production - and yes. I JUMPED.


Sweeney Todd ran at Harrington's Pie and Mash Shop down in Tooting,
and to much praise, it made a short transfer to the West End
in an exactly replicated shop right on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Look closely though, because you might miss this little door smacked between the massive Les Miserables and Thriller marquees.
Once inside,  you'll be taken downstairs into a lobby filled with photos and descriptions of the old shop
that will lead you to where the show will be played.

There are a few, narrow rows of tables to sit at, as well as a back line of chairs.
Very small and intimate - and in my opinion, the best kind of theatre.
You'll get cast members literally in your face, on your table,
shoving you down the rows.
I even left with a bit of shaving cream on my dress,
which makes you feel much more like you aren't just watching the show,
but apart of the show.

This small cast of only eight is incredibly strong as well.
As with most smaller scaled shows I've see, they are always packed with a solid group of talent.

Jeremy Secomb led the cast as Sweeney, and gave the room the eery chill it needed for this show.
He was stiff, upright, and always tense with a bit of insanity - just as I would imagine Sweeney to be.
He was vicious to the audience with his death stares and shouts.
that created only a mildly terrifying atmosphere...

Siobhan McCarthy brings a great spirit as Sweeney's right hand lady
with just the right bits of comedy that Mrs. Lovett needed, as well as a beautiful voice.

Nadim Naaman and Zoe Daono play the young lovers with a great ease; Daono has the necessary
balance of ferocity and wit as Joanna to match the handsome and honest Naaman's Anthony.

Joseph Taylor is also not one to be missed, with an incredible presence on stage and off.
I noticed him before the show began with his warm welcome to different member of the audience,
 and absolutely loved his cheeky little interval tune to get the audience back into the shop.
Beyond this, he absolutely throws himself into his role of Tobias with a warm and playful demeanor as well as a subtle side of youth and innocence.


It's a great night of fun - raw, chilling, intense fun, that is.
If you're looking for a show to keep you on your toes, this is it.

Sweeney Todd runs at Harrington's Pie and Mash Shop until May 30.
Performances run Monday - Saturday 7:30PM with matinees Thursday & Saturday 2:30PM.
The running time for this show is approximately 2 hours 40 minutes with one interval.
The show is currently SOLD OUT, but keep checking the site for returns to pop up, as I have seen plenty come.

21 April 2015

London: In Photos ...

... more like 'Caity is a little busy right now so here's what she's seen in the past few weeks.'

Who actually wants to read anything I write anyways ... right?
We're all just here for the photos




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It's okay Sara, I'm pretty sure London decided to name another stop 'Abbey Road'
just to mess with tourists.

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14 April 2015

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

This weekend, Heather and I made a trip over to Bethnal Green for one of our favorite pastimes..

It was a quick tube ride on the Central Line over the Bethnal Green to the Affordable Vintage Fair,
and about 2 minutes away from the station until we were at York Hall where the event was held.
The room was lined with tables of different sellers full of gorgeous goodies.

They have so many great finds - from clothing to jewelry to some great trinkets and toys.
Whether you are looking to find something to bring home or just simply browse,
it's a great place to get away for a few hours.

While Heather and I wanted to window-shop,
of course that was impossible.
We managed to grab some vintage jewelry
as well as these adorable shift dresses that I'm going to ask you not to judge if you see us wearing them every day.
How cute are they?!

Day ... and money .. well spent, I'd say.

Find Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair on Facebook here
or check out there website here to stay up to date on future events!


Do I need to tell you what day it is?
I think we've been through this enough now.


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10 April 2015

Fab Four Friday

Today's a fun day.
Because we are going to talk about a song Paul wrote that was literally dedicated to marijuana.

Got To Get You Into My Life is one of my favorites off Revolver.
It's upbeat, catchy, and will definitely get stuck in your head for the day.

1. The song reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100.
This song. Literally about marijuana.
Really though,
who writes a song about weed and it's actually GOOD?

2. John thought this was one of Paul's best songs,
and others have called it 'one of the most overlooked songs of Revolver.'

3. It has been covered by everyone
from Diana Ross & The Supremes to Joe Pesci (?) to The Four to Ella Fitzgerald
and to Earth Wind & Fire - who reached #1 on Billboard's Hot Soul Singles Chart.

 The album version is great, but I am partial to the Anthology version.
I love raw versions of their music, but there are also so many little additions in this recording.
From the extra backing vocals to Paul's "somehow someway" addition into the chorus
to John's cheeky little hum at the end,
I just love it so much.

But then again, I do love everything - so are you really surprised?

07 April 2015

Where You Came From & Why You Left

So I've been around the block a bit when it comes to life.
 From Chicago to New York to Ohio to Kentucky to Ohio to Massachusetts to Florida to London,
there's been more than a few places that I've spent my time.
But there are only two places that I really consider myself 'from.'

I spent my childhood in a little town up in northeast Ohio called Chardon.
It was the absolute perfect place for a child.
We lived on a cul-de-sac with a group of kids,
where we would have weekly kickball games and capture the flag.
My backyard was full of forest, and it became our own little world.
I could leave the house at 9 years old and my parents wouldn't have to worry.

Then next half of my life was spent in Louisville, Kentucky.
Like Chardon, it was the perfect to be for the age that I was.
Louisville was big enough to have all the things you want as a teenager.
Mixers, movie theatres, and malls.

It was the type of place where your parents went to your high school,
and their parents went as well.
A literal 'born and raised' city.

Having moved there when I was 12, though, I wasn't apart of that.
I didn't have any ties to the place besides the ones that I was making on my own,
so it wasn't hard for me to leave for college in Ohio - I was used to change.
 Which also made it less difficult to adjust to when my parents moved down to Florida a few years later too.

I've had places that I call home, but I don't know if I've ever felt entirely connected to a place.
Which, I think, is a reason why I was okay with leaving.
Six months felt like a long time to leave for another country,
but it wasn't scarier than the thought of staying put.

I have always felt like my life was meant to be something special - like there was always more to it.
I still feel like that.
Call it my terrible anxiety with 'settling' but I have never been a person to want to feel anything but that I am living one hell of a life.
Which is why I can't just 'let it go.'  Why would I do that?

My biggest fear is to live a life of 'what if's'
so I guess there's nothing left to do about that
other than do everything I've dreamed about.

Yep - I'm okay with that.


It'ssssss Tuesday!
And you know what that means.

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