The Tower of London: That's So Raven(s)

this isn't a post about the greatest original series to hit the Disney Channel.
Though, I wouldn't be opposed to talking about that..

Today we're talking about some good ol' urban legends.
Well, actually just one. But it's a good one.

London is a massive city filled with myths and legends all over the place.
One of my favorites (and most ridiculous) deals with the Tower of London,
which is pretty fitting seeing that I currently live next door to the castle.

The Tower of London is OLD. I'm talking like, almost a thousand years.
You may visit it to see the incredible buildings, the crowned jewels,
or even a cheeky photo with the Beefeaters ... or anything else you can find..

There are so many both interesting and disturbing tales about the Tower of London,
but my favorite facts deal with the ravens.

You'll see these little guys hanging out in a cage in the center of the castle.
Six - to be exact.
And yes, it needs to be exact.
And why do I say that, you ask?

Legend has it, that if there are not six ravens at the Tower, that it, along with the Monarchy, will fall.
Yes, you are reading this right.

Birds are literally keeping England alive and prosperous.

They are so serious about this legend, that there is a seventh raven always on sight
just in case one happens to escape..
(or gets eaten by a fox??)
Which would be rare - they clip one of the wings so they can't fly away.
Yep - every precaution that could possibly be taken, is taken.

Don't worry though,
these ravens are treated as if they are the King and Queen of England.
They are literally waited on hand and foot
(... erm ... wing and foot?...)
by servants, and are pretty much expected to do nothing at all.
 Oh except for keep the whole of England standing strong.
Which really just requires them to be.


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