Sunday Lovin'

1. Number one and most important and greatest thing in the entire world and OKAY I'LL TELL YOU PAUL MCCARTNEY IS TOURING EUROPE!!!
Don't mind if every post from now until May has "oh and I'm seeing Paul in x-months"
because I really won't be able to stop talking about it.
If you happen to be a new reader and are wondering 'hm so this girl comes off as kind of crazy crazy'
I promise I'm not. I just really love Paul.

2. Speaking of Paul McCartney - I'm going to possibly the greatest event Official Theatre could have invited me to.
Let It Be is playing at The Garrick Theatre here in the West End, and this Wednesday is a nice little pre-show event in a newly decorated Beatle-themed suite at the Hilton Waldorf
that will feature a nice little acoustic set from the band.
The Beatles .... AND theatre?
Is there a more perfect combination of things?

3. Speaking of theatre - I've got a lot of reviews coming up which is great because I've finally managed to see some new shows rather than what I normally do which is just go to my favorites all the time.
I've got Scottsboro Boys and Beautiful coming up.
And it'll obviously be mentioned on the review but I really just can't contain the excitement even though it was over a week ago.
And she came on stage, and she sang, and we sang with her, and I cried.

4. Speaking of reviews - Heather and I took our lovely trip to the English National Opera on Thursday!
We saw La Traviata and it was wonderfully intense.
Elizabeth Zharoff gave an incredible performance as the lead, Violetta.
She was on stage for just about the entire show, and
I also want to comment on the design of the show - they use an effect of 'unlayering' the stage as the show moves on which coincides with the story in an amazing way.
And how insanely beautiful is the London Coliseum?

Speaking of Sunday Lovin' - Did I mention I'm seeing Paul in less than three months?


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