Heather's Back & She's Talking German

Heather Here. I'mmmmmm baaaaack!

A few weeks ago, I finally got to leave London for the first time in months
to adventure in Deutschland!
For those of you who haven't a shred of German - that means Germany.

I flew out with my sorority sister, Rachel, who is living up in Leeds.
We both needed a little break from life, so why not make a trip to Berlin?

There weren't too many helpful guides on the city out there when I searched,
and I loved the place so much that I thought I would help you out next time you decided to make a visit!

We stayed at an awesome hostel - St. Christopher's Inn.
If it sounds familiar, it probably is.
There are a ton of St Christopher's located around the EU and UK - it's one of the most popular out there.

The reception was stocked with a full bar, and the drinks were REALLY cheap.
And if that doesn't convince you to book a stay, I'm not sure if I ever will be able to.

The hostel is no more than a 10-second walk from the Rosa-Luxemburg subway stop,
making it convenient to get anywhere in the city.
Although it wasn't the closest stay to the city centre, the location is great if you are looking to do some shopping in the boutiques and malls!

Depending on the time you get to your hostel,
going to one of Sandeman's Free Walking Tours is a MUST!
They are everyday starting at 11AM and 2PM right in front of the Brandenburg Gate.
I can't say enough about how amazing, fun, and informational the tours are!
This will give you a great foundation of knowing the city for when you are walking around without a guide later.

A few of the places we crossed on the tour:
The Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe - by far my favorite memorial I've ever been to
The parking lot above the bunker where Hitler killed himself
Bebelplatz - where the book burnings took place
Checkpoint Charlie
The Berlin Wall
and so many other sites!

After this, you can stroll right up to Museum Island and the Berliner Dom.
While it's still light out, head into the Berliner Dom and take a self-guided tour inside the cathedral.
It's only a couple Euros, and if you're a student you'll even manage a discount.
 After you've seen the tombs and chapels, climb up to the top and get a gorgeous view of the city.

From the Berliner Dom, you can walk around the island and enjoy the free museums.
I suggest hopping across the bridge and finding yourself an outdoor seat at one of the nearby cafes
to enjoy the beautiful view of the river and Museum Island.

Saturday gives you the chance to see a different part of Berlin.
There are dozens of different markets all over the city for everyone to enjoy.
Taking a stroll through one of the many parks, I've heard, is an amazing experience.

As it was too cold to stroll around Mauerpark, which houses the Berlin Wall Memorial
as well as a large strip of the Berlin Wall,
Rachel and I decided to forgo that opportunity.
During the spring and summer, though, it's a wonderful place to sit and relax.
If you're lucky, you'll get to enjoy one of their many open-air events

Großer Tiergarten is another park closer to the centre of town.
It holds a supposed haunting ground, as well as The Victory Column, different museums, cafes, and the Reichstag.

The Reichstag is the equivalent to the British Houses of Parliament, and is an absolute must-see.
Located on the edge of the park and adjacent to the Bradenburg Gate, it provides stunning views of the city. 
The top of the building has a massive glass dome with a spiral staircase that leads all the way to the top.
In order to go, you'll need to make a reservation at least a day in advance - but it's free!

From here, you are just a few minutes walk from Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers am Gendarmenmarkt,
which is a DELICIOUS chocolate store.
They had chocolate sculptures of the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag, and a real chocolate volcano!
Plus, they have about 500 different truffles to choose from - good luck with that.
The top floor is an elegant and inexpensive restaurant that serves different forms of chocolate with each tea, bread basket, and meal.
Don't forget to indulge in dessert (don't worry, we don't count the chocolates with the meals as dessert) with a delicately designed mocha or a shake!

After this, you should be ready for the evening.
Berlin is known for it's eccentric nightlife.
And although I didn't get to experience the famous bars and clubs around, it's definitely worth exploring.
Or, if you are up for a more leisurely night, I suggest the Hofbräuhaus.
And it's only a stones through from St. Christopher's Inn!
If you've never had the pleasure of experiencing a Hofbräuhaus,
just imagine leaderhosen, 1 litre steins, cute men everywhere,
loud music, drunken dancing, and one thousand of your newest and closest friends.
What's not to love about that?

Since Sunday is normally a travel day, it's best to catch a morning tour.
Rachel and I chose to go to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial with Sandeman's.
They have loads of other tours, as well as the postdam tour, the Third Reich Berlin Tour, the alternative city tour,
and even a pub crawl.
We also chose this day to walk up and down Unter den Linden - the central road in Berlin -
to buy some keepsakes and souvenirs.

Berlin is such a wonderful city - I hope you get the chance to enjoy it someday!
It definitely sits in my top four favorite cities so far. The culture, history, art, and beauty of the city
is what makes it such a unique place to visit.

Happy traveling - I hope you love it as much as I did!

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