Fab Four Friday - Let It Be at The Garrick Theatre

Is there any better way to celebrate Paul coming back to Europe other than an event that literally centered around The Beatles?

Let It Be is less of a musical and more of a tribute.
It previously hit the West End in 2013 where it played at The Savoy Theatre,
and has recently found its way back - this time, though, at The Garrick Theatre.

Wednesday was opening night for the show, and in celebration, there were a few events held leading up to the evening performance.
The first, that I was invited to with the lovely Rebecca at Official Theatre,
took place at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel
They've recently become the hotel sponsors for the show, and have redecorated one of their suites in a Beatles-themed paradise.

Beatles being Beatles

The suite was filled with Beatles memorabilia and photographs from the production.
Beatles fanclub letters on the desk, playing cards, and even a guitar with a song book to try and teach yourself a few tunes.
The bedroom had more photos I couldn't stop gushing over and Sergeant Peppers pillows on the bed that I was resisting urges from taking home with me.
There was also champagne
and cake pops
and if you haven't already caught my drift, a LOT of Beatles stuff.
I was a very happy girl.

The band had a short acoustic set to play for us during the event
and as much as I wished they were taking requests, they did play If I Fell which was one I was hoping to hear, so I was pretty satisfied.
After, the guys gave some interviews and took a few photos with fans.
They were a bit rushed for time and others had prepared legitimate questions to ask them about the show and their role,
which was much better than my position, which was really just wanting to talk about the actual Beatles with a bunch of people who obviously loved them too.

So while the others got all professional, I gushed over how cute the boys were in A Hard Days Night that was playing on the TV while trying not to jump on the snare that Ringo left open...

The event ran for about an hour before the boys were rushed out for their NEXT pre-show event,
which was a 'rooftop concert' recreation on the balcony of the Garrick Theatre.
I was finishing up my 1st (or 4th) glass of champagne
and coming to grips that I was, in fact, not going to be allowed to call this suite my new home,
so we unfortunately missed the performance, but made it just in time for the actual show.

Now I'm a stickler when it comes to The Beatles.
If you don't know, I am a pretty big fan.
I notice the little movements and mannerisms, and can be pretty critical when they aren't up to par.
Overly picky? It's possible.

Anyways, even with this particular attitude,
I will say Let It Be is incredibly authentic.
For how much you can capture who John, Paul, George and Ringo were on stage,
these guys do a pretty good job.

The most impressive aspect of the show, though, is when they sing together.
Their harmonies are so close to what you'd hear on an actual record it blew my mind.
And that's coming from ME - so you know that means they did it really well.

They also threw in the 'cranberry sauce' at the end of Strawberry Fields,
'Paul,' while a bit ambidextrous, played most of the show left-handed
and was barefoot during Abbey Road,
'John' counted off a song as typical John would do (1, 2, 3, SEVEN),
and 'George' absolutely smashed all three solos in The End,
which probably all made me happier than it actually should have.
Even if you don't notice these things,
or aren't disgustingly in love with The Beatles,
it's still a night to be enjoyed.
Everyone is on their feet rocking out, clapping, twisting and shouting,
you know the drill.
I think the only real requirement for this show is that you like to have fun.
All in all, it was a fantastic evening filled with amazing music, 
& you can't really ask for much more than that.
I can always appreciate a nod to the greatest group in the history of just about everything,
so I will, of course, be back again.

Let It Be plays at the Garrick Theatre until 27 September 2015.
Show times vary, but stick around Monday-Saturday 7:30PM with Thursday & Saturday matinees 3PM, but check the website to be sure of your date.

The Beatles Suite at the Waldorf Hilton can also be booked until April 30th.


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