Chain Letters

Otherwise known as the Leibster.

I was passed on this thing again.
This time, it was by one of my absolute favorites - Cynthia!
She is living in the Czech Republic, and you can read all about her life as an expat over at Adventurings.
She also loves The Beatles. It's only right we became friends.

Her questions:
1. If I handed you a plane (or rail) ticket to anywhere in the world for one week, where would you go?
 My 'set in my ways' self would say hands down Liverpool - but that's just annoying.

Not being annoying I would looooove to visit Iceland. I have seen too many posts and photos on this gorgeous place and I am dying to see it for myself. A close second is Hallstatt, Austria.

2. What was your favorite book you’ve read in the past year & why you loved it so much?
 Okay - I'm a terrible person and a master's degree is taking away any reading I could do.
I've also been binge watching House of Cards which takes away doing absolutely anything productive with my life right now.
So can I turn this question around and ask what books have you loved and why? Gimme those suggestions!

3.What  does your “default outfit” look like? (AKA - If I stopped by your house or met you for coffee on any given day, what might you be dressed in?) 
 Ha! What a great question for me - if you were to ask Heather on any given day what I would be wearing, she would probably throw out three specific outfits and I would most definitely be wearing one of them.

Tights, black skirt and a crop sweater or flats, black jeans and a sweater. Every day. All the time.

4. What item do you miss the most from home (that can be bought at a store) and wish it could be shipped to you posthaste?
I've thought about this a lot, actually. My boss just went to America and asked if I wanted anything and I couldn't really think of something I really have been missing.  McAlister's Deli cookies are always my go to. That place is so damn delicious.

OH. YES. Jolly rancher jelly beans. That's 100% it. So if you're asking for a reason... then yes I would absolutely love a shipment.

5. The mountains or the beach?
This is a torturous question!  How am I supposed to decide?

Since my parents live on the beach, can I choose the mountains and just have them as my holiday time? Sounds legit, that's my answer.

6. What’s a strange quirk of yours?
Someone told me I'm too animated when I talk. Like, flailing my hands all over the place like it's needed to get my point across. I think I try to do that less now

Can I also just add this even though it's more of a "talent" and less of a "quirk?" Well, it's actually more of a 'who care's Caity, why are you so proud of that' BUT I can fold my tongue and it's in Ripley's Believe It Or Not because so few people can do it. And yes, it may be weird but I feel SO COOL ABOUT IT.

7. Would you like to move back to the town you grew up in someday?
I spent my childhood in a tiny place called Chardon, Ohio - an amazing place to grow up.  Almost one of those 'everyone knows everyone' towns, and it was so safe that we could roam around as kids. There was a huge area of woods behind our houses that our parents never minded us running all over. I knew those woods like the back of my hand, and could probably still navigate it if I went back today.

I spend my teenager years in Louisville, Kentucky - another amazing place to grow up.  I always said that Chardon and Louisville were both so perfect for the ages I was at the time. And while I consider both places I grew up, I wanted to answer the question with both in mind. I would choose life over here before moving back to these places, but I wouldn't rule them out. I owe so much of myself to these cities and I would love to raise my own kids in a place I spent my years as a kid in.

Buuuuuuut I'd also like to raise my kids in London.
And stay here forever.

8. What inspires you most, creatively?
Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone go after what they are truly passionate about.
And better yet, seeing them finally make that dream come true.
It's those stories that inspire me to create my own story how I'd like to read it.
 And then it's accomplishing that, that makes me want to share it with the world through this little thing.
That's some good ol' creativity inspiring creativity, y'all.

9. What do your travel plans for the rest of 2015 look like?
My travel plans in 2015 are so generically me, it's sickening. I'll be in Liverpool at least 3 times - knowing me it will be more. And in June, I'll be going back to America for a quick little visit! I'll be in Florida for about two weeks hanging out with my BFF's, otherwise known as Mom and Dad. And I also get to make a trip up to Louisville for a friend's wedding that I am SO exited and so unbelievably happy about! I've also not been to Louisville or seen these friends in two years, so it's going to be a good trip.

Yes. I know. No crazy Euro-raging or world-seeing. I'm boring and I'm broke. FORGIVE ME.

10. What’s a place you’ve been that you love that is totally underrated or off the tourist radar?
Can I say Liverpool? I've clearly over-used my mentions in this post already, but it's just such an incredible place!
I think, especially in England, a lot of people have misconstrued ideas of what it's like there.
But I think people need to make a visit before they judge.
Between the music, the history, and the people - it is one pretty amazing place.

I also think the Scottish Highlands are severely underrated for the beauty that they hold.
You can go to Spain, Italy, any of the 'must-see' places,
but I have never seen views like I did in Scotland.
Whether I was on a lake, a mountain, or even just standing in the middle of the road,
everything around me was the most incredibly sight I'd ever seen.
If there's a trip I'll tell you to take, it's up to Scotland.

Then make a detour and stop at Liverpool on your way back. OK I'M DONE NOW.


- I want to throw this out to Elle at What The Elle
because she lives in Bristol, she's awesome, and what other reason do I need?

- I want to tag Rebecca's personal blog too.
She's from  Official Theatre, and she lets me tag along to all these cool events that just make life better.
And she also appreciates good theatre .. and a good drink. Or four.
But who's really judging when there's wine around?

- Lastly, I want to give this over to the lovely Travel Tuesday co-hosts,

My questions:
1. What's a day in the life of you?
See what I did there? That's a Beatles song.
Not my best, but I promise it's getting better.
HA GOT YOU AGAIN  ...Am I the only one laughing?

2. What are you really really good at?

3. What meal could you eat for the rest of your life?
Food, drink, AND dessert. I know, I'm feeling nice today.

4. Favorite musical?
Come on, you know this was coming.

5. Life goal - what is it?

6. Dogs or babies.
Is that cruel?

7. You have to travel with only on person for the next 5 years. That means 24/7, baby. Who is it?

8. What is your current JAM? 
(As much as I wish we hadn't left the topic of food, we did at question 3 - we're talking about music here!)

9. Most thrilling adventure you've ever taken

 10. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

11. What is your favorite day of the week?
You don't have to answer that.
I was just trying to do a really smooth segue into the fact that it's TUESDAY!

Did you get a chance to read Katrina's post last week about the legend of the Richmond Vampire?
It was one of my favorites.
Don't worry if you didn't - I've got the link for you right here.

Link up below!


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