Sunday Lovin'

1. I was placed at #16 for the IX15 Top 100 International Blogs - pretty exciting to get a little recognition for this thing.
Thank you to everyone who sent a vote my way!

2. I am seeing the Carole King musical, Beautiful, on Tuesday.
This is ABSOLUTELY important enough to be on this list because I really cannot even explain my excitement.
Carole King AND musical theatre - in one night?
Say a prayer for me. I'm not sure I'll be able to handle this.

3. Sticking to musical theatre, I saw Assassins at the Menier Chocolate Factory (again) this past week.
This was a bit different from the past time I've seen it,
because the household favorite, Aaron Tveit, has departed.
A big part of this show's audience were superfans -
so you can imagine the negativity when he announced he was leaving early.
Michael Xavier stepped into the role for the remaining month, and if you don't know him, you should.
This guy's been nominated for TWO Olivier Awards.
(Basically the British Tony Awards)
He was born in Liverpool - and you know my feelings towards Liverpool.
And if that's not enough. Just Google the man. You'll see what I mean.

He's about 12 feet taller than Aaron, but plays the role just as beautifully...if not better.
Yea. I said it.
But that's just one reason why you should see the show.

I'm not kidding when I explain how phenomenal this cast is.
I've seen great actors connect together so well to create an amaizng show,
but acting-wise, I have never seen such a talented.
There is not a single person who outshines the other.
Literally - I can't even explain one that I was so impressed by,
because I'd just go on until I had talked about the entire cast.
Everyone is so god-damn incredible I really just can't get over it.

Anyways - the show is sold out, but they've got a returns-queue that basically always gets you tickets.
And people are throwing theirs on social media when they can't make it.
So if you want to see it,
and believe me - you want to see it -
you will be able to.

4. We're still sticking to musical theatre.
I saw The Scottsboro Boys this afternoon, which was also their final day before closing.
I'll have a review up here, but I figured I should add it in here because I am absolutely loving it.

5. Spent yesterday wandering all over London again
and just want to say again how in love I am with this place.
It's pretty much the greatest city in the world. That's about it, really.


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