Sunday Lovin

1. I was nominated for the Top 100 International Blogs at Lexiophiles.
I've seen this award pop up on a few other bloggers, and wasn't sure what it was,
but I got the email last week that someone threw my name out there, and now I get to be in a fun little contest!
Pretty cool, hm? It's nice when you get little reminders like this that people do pay attention to the things you do.
So if you do happen to read this little blog, and you do happen to enjoy it,
why not throw a vote my way?
IX15 - Vote for this blog!

2. I've booked a flight home this week...
TO VISIT - get real.
I'm still disgustingly in love with life here. I'm not leaving anytime soon!
...well, I don't plan to.

I'm over-excited for a quick visit home to Florida to see my family though.
AND I will be popping up to my hometown in Kentucky for an old friends wedding!
I haven't been to see friends in two years, so I'm pretty much off the walls about it.

3. This is basically the greatest video to hit the Internet this week - maybe all time.
Jimmy Fallon reunited the Saved By The Bell cast on his show.
I spent my mornings growing up catching the show 7AM every morning with breakfast before school,
so just like my trip home - I was off the walllllllls when I saw this.

I'm not even kidding - this is top 10 greatest days of my life.
We have about 15 records here that have just been sitting so sadly on our shelves until we could afford to buy one,
and my sneaky little parents decided to mail me the greatest 'miss you' gift in the entire world.
I'm spoiled with the greatest duo that could ever raise me - I am seriously so lucky.

We spent last night celebrating.
I'm serious - we went out record shopping and bought a bottle of champagne.
It's THAT big of a deal to us..

And I'm also never leaving this place.

Happy Sunday!


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