Sunday Lovin' ... WITH CHOCOLATE

February already?

Wasn't I just writing about Christmas creeping up on us?

1. I'm diving into the new year head first with some new internships and things.
While I'm still going crazy, and my anxiety is over the roof,
it feels better to know I am making moves that will hep towards staying here.
Because I've been here for six months and I'm still hopelessly in love with this city...
which means leaving is simply not an option.

2. Heather's birthday is TOMORROW!
We're doing a celebratory dinner at our favorite restaurant, Richoux.
I was thinking of getting her Paul McCartney,
but all she's said is 'I just want to blow out a candle'
.. whatever.
Check out Heather's post from a few weeks back and give her a Happy Birthday shout!

3. I got the cutest little valentine in the mail last week from Cupid at Hotel Choclat ..
Turns out, my secret valentine is the lovely Anna at Anna in Wonderland!
I came home from a run to a massive box of chocolate,
and let me tell you,
there's nothing better than coming home feeling like death and sweat to a box of sweets.

There are all types of treats with all types of fillings - champagne, caramel, cream, gin, lemon.
I'm both proud and very surprised that I didn't eat them all that night.

Happy Sunday!


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