Fab Four Friday

Today's all about George.

I read that Feb 6 was the day that George said was the first time he had seen The Quarrymen play.
(the first band John put together that pretttttty much started it all)
I'd say Georges introduction to John and Paul's playing is a legitimate factor in The Beatles history, wouldn't you?

Anyways, because of that - we're going GEORGE today!

He is a seriously underrated songwriter, but when three out of four members
(sorry Ringo)
of a group are some of the most badass lyricists in music history, that's bound to happen to someone.

A lot of Georges songs are absolute classics,
but possibly his most known creation is Something.

Frank Sinatra called it the 'greatest love song 
and it's literally been covered by every single person known to man, including Frank himself.

My favorite versions, though, are of course with George involved.
And I say versions because there are so many!

I've already included this recording on a previous Fab Four Friday,
but it's just so damn good I had to post it again.
It's a very stripped down and raw - just George and a guitar.

Like I said before - I almost prefer it to the original.
I just love it.


There's also another version of the song that's been deconstructed.
I seriously commend you if you take the time to listen to this entire video.
But you should.

There are few things better than a song that ever track within it is awesome.
Listening to is this way, you find things you never noticed.
For example - did you notice the little Hammond organ perks during the chorus?
I never really did. But after hearing it deconstructed and on it's own,
it's something I hear every time the song comes on now, and one of my favorite parts.

And do you hear, in the Vocals track, Paul humming along during the guitar solo?
I'm obsessed.

And the drum track.
 And the bass melody.
And the harmonies.
And that goddamn heart-melting guitar solo.

And George. Just him. All of him.

But really - the guitar and drum track from this song are on my list of learns.
Know anyone who could teach me both?
Like tomorrow?
I just want to jaaaaaammmmm

And the of course, there is the recording on Abbey Road.
That classic that nobody will ever get sick of - for good reason.
Have you seen the music video for it?

So scruffy and so in love.

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