EatSeeDo - St. John's Wood

One of, if not my favorite area in London.
And NO - it's not becuase there is Beatle history here..
..but that may help just a bit..

St. John's Wood is more of a residential area,
minus the crowds upon crowds that come to Abbey Road Studios.

There is a lot to the area though.
It makes for a great day out of the crazy city life, to just relax in such a calm and peaceful area.

Again, there is definitely more around here that I haven't been able to explore yet.
But these are my favorites so far.

This is literally Heather and my go-to restaurant.
A great range of foood with DELICIOUS desserts!
We'll actually be there next week celebrating Heather's birthday...
....then back next month to celebrate mine.
Yes. We like it a lot.

The Duke of York
A cozy little pub right in the heart of the area.
Go for a pint and some fish and chips.
Y'know, be all British like that.

Harry Morgan
Heather and I just ate here last week.
Yes - it's just as it sounds. We come up here a LOT.
Anyways - Harry Morgan comes off to me as American style diner food.
Burgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, etc.
Basically heaven - I don't know how else to describe it.

OH, and they have milkshakes. MILKSHAKES!

Beatles Coffee Shop
Right outside the St. John's Wood Tube Station,
this little coffee shop is full of Beatles goodies.
This was actually where we got our Beatles coloring book to pass the time
when we slept on Oxford Street. LOL yea, that happened.

Gelato Mio
I don't even know if I need to give a description of this.
I mean, it's gelato - do you need any more convincing to go?
I wouldn't be surprised if you were already on your way there right now.

Abbey Road Studios
This is what most people come to St. John's Wood for.
Abbey Road is known for that iconic album cover from that little band I happen to talk about a lot.
The zebra crossing you are so familiar with is there, along with a zillion people holding up traffic
as they try to recreate the album cover.
 Have you seen the Abbey Road Crossing Cam?
Enjoy the sights of people posing and sounds of cars honking.

I'll mention that Paul McCartney also lives right around the corner from Abbey Road Studios.
He's owned the place since the early 60's, and still uses it as his home.
Girls used to camp out outside the house and try to jump the gate when Beatlemania was going on.
I'm crazy about him, that's for sure - but I'm not THAT crazy.

Primrose Hill
 This is one of my favorite places in all of London.
You get an entire view of the London skyline when you walk up the hill.
Not to mention it's a dog-lovers heaven.
If I recommend spending a day anywhere, it's here.

London Zoo
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
If you are craving more furry friends after dog-watching at Primrose Hill,
just walk across the street to the London Zoo.
Who doesn't love an afternoon at the zoo?

Regents Park
This is a short walk away as well.
Another peaceful space of greenery,
as well as a great place for some Summer theatre - you know I like that.
Regents Park Open Air Theatre is an outdoor space
where you can find some amazing productions put on from May to September.


It's a not a bad walk from nearby stations Swiss Cottage, Baker Street, and Chalk Farm,
but the easiest way to get here is using the Jubilee Line
that runs through the St. John's Wood Tube Station.


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