EatSeeDo: Sohottenhamborn

Yes - Sohottenhamborn is actually an area of London.
Central London has the amazing quality of everywhere being within a moderate walking distance.
This also makes it incredibly overwhelming because there are SO many places to go!
This area may be the worst of them all.
And by worst, I mean the best. So many things to do - a pretty great problem to have.
And who better to help you out when you're caught in the dilemma of what to do and where to go other than the greatest and most helpful, and also totally attractive tour guide?
YES - we're talking about me, of course.
I see this being one of multiple guides regarding this area.
There are just so many places to explore!
But today, we're in the London Borough of Sohottenhamborn.
Yes. I said Sohottenhamborn.
A little bit of Soho, a little bit of Tottenham Court Road, and a little bit of Holborn.
Shout out to the Greater London Authority - I've got this whole city mapped out for y'all.
Ever heard of Charbanksquare Garden? Angisling Cross?
Yeaaaaa - there's plenty more brilliance where that came from...
Okay, okay. Let's get into what you came here for.
Just a few of my current favorite finds below!


This is an incredible pre-theatre dinner spot. And a perfect mention in this post since just about all of my "see's" are theatres. What did you expect?

Anyways - Amalfi's a very tiny but verrrry cute restaurant that serves a great range of Italian food.
Which also means wine. Lots of wine.
I think my work here is done.

Ed's Easy Diner
An American 1950's style diner - of course this is getting a mention!
Burgers, hotdogs, fries, MILKSHAKES.

Think Johnny Rockets in England.
Or just think of anything that is absolutely perfect - this is just like that.

Byron Burger
Another burger joint.
But is it really possibly to have too many burgers and fries?
Sorry ... chips.

Byron's got locations all over London - so if you're interested in it, just check out where it is on their website.

Neal's Yard
This is one of those 'Pinterest pictures.'
You know - that picture you see EVERYWHERE and are just all 'Where the F is that place?!'
Well, it's here - in Sohottenhamborn.

Amorino Gelato
When you're disgustingly full from eating all of the above,
pop into Amorino for gelato.

Let's be real - not even a full stomach can keep you from gelato.

Prince Edward Theatre
Currently playing Miss Saigon.
I saw this with my parents a few months ago and posted a review here.

Soho Theatre
If you're looking to stray off the commercial West End path,
Soho Theatre's got three stages presenting a range of theatre from new works, to comedy shows, to cabarets.

Soho Square
Paul McCartney's publishing company, MPL Communications, is located here ... could I really leave that out?

Phoenix Theatre
This theatre is playing Once The Musical.
An amazing story with some of the most beautiful folk music to make you cry on spot. I mean it.

Oh, and you can go up and order from the bar on stage before curtain while the cast is jamming around the stage - how cool is that?  

The show is closing March 21, so get going!

Palace Theatre
 The Commitments has been playing here for over a year.
It's a great musical playing some of the greatest soul music created.
Mustang Sally, Papa Was a Rolling Stone, Try A Little Tenderness -
The list goes on...

I saw this show last year and had a great time - I even got the chance to do a bit of my own singing.
Terrible, terrible singing, I will add.
Review here!

Shaftesbury Theatre
Oh Shaftesbury. Sweet, sweet, Shaftesbury.
You hold my musical heart, and keep me coming back again and again.
And again and again.

Memphis is playing here, and I cannot recommend this show enough.
And 90% of my recommendation is because of the cast.
You know when a cast just 'works'? They just mesh so well together, and work a show better than it's ever been performed?
This is that cast.
Yes, the leads are spectacular. But it's every single person in this show. Incredible.

Anyways - if you didn't catch my drift up there, GO SEE THIS SHOW.

Pop Boutique
Looking for some vintage goodies?
This is the place to go

The O Bar
A recommendation from your favorite blogging side-kick, Heather.
A cute little corner pub to grab a pint from after a long day.

Music and Goods Exchange
We've just spent the weekend celebrating our new record player,
and is there any better way to do that than go shopping?
We popped around to as many record stores within our distance, and Music and Goods Exchange was the gold mine.
So many great finds, and a bargain area of 1pound records in the basement!
I'm going back tomorrow. But really ... I'm going back tomorrow.


The closest station to this area is Tottenham Court Road, but any surrounding station is a short walk away.
Taking the Circle/District lines to get home, I'll normally get out at Embankment and walk from there.
Depending on which way I go, I pass through Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, and Covent Garden,
which are all great areas to stroll around in - and outside is better than underground.
So I'll always recommend walking.


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