Fab Four Friday

Today's a pretty big day in Beatles history.

I don't know if many of you know what Savile Row is,
but I think most of you do know what 'the rooftop concert' is.
Or dear god, I hope so.

Today, 46 years ago, was the final live performance The Beatles ever played together,
and of course - it was played on the roof of a building.
I mean, how else did you think they would have their final show? On a stage at a venue?
Psh. Come on.
They're The Beatles.

The show began around midday, which was pretty fortunate for all the business people in London on their lunch breaks.
Some lucky folks were even able to pop out on their roof or balcony and watch them,
but most of the crowds formed below in the streets to simply listen and enjoy.

The set was a little over 40 minutes
but was interrupted by the police before then.
And by interrupted, I mean the police told them to stop and in true Beatles form
they gave no shits, did what they wanted and kept playing.

Imagine walking through Piccadilly and hearing this faint familiar sound from around you,
and later on realizing you are listening to The Beatles performing live right above you.
Could you imagine?

Lucky for us, the entire thing was recorded.
And they even got a few songs on video.

"I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition."


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