Fab Four Friday

Today's a special pre-scheduled Fab Four Friday because I'm currently in my holy land that we all know is Liverpool..

There are a few songs that seem like they are on repeat when you're in the Cavern Club.
The band will play a song, then the next solo guy will come on and play the same song,
then you'll grab some dinner and come back only to be walking into another band playing that exact song again.

No no, I'm not complaining.
See - when the music is THAT good,
I could hear the song played 12 times within the hour and be just as excited as the first time I heard it.

So for your sweet little ears, I'm here to share the songs that remind me most of the Cavern.
Because if you haven't listened to them before, you probably should now.

If I can hear them that many times in one weekend,
you'll absolutely love them on your first listen.



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