Wine & Free Stuff

...AKA the greatest post to ever appear my blog.
 Who doesn't love wine?
And I won't even ask about freebies.

Last week, Heather and I were invited to experience Vinopolis!
This is a wine/champagne/spirits tasting event -- SAY NO MORE, we were in.

And you'll see below - it's not just a place - it's an entire CITY OF WINE.
I saw the words on the building but all I could read was 
'Welcome to Heaven, Caity. You've done good - here's a lot of wine'

It's an interesting and super fun concept.
 Walking in is where you'll receive your entry coupon and wine-tasting card.
You can purchase 7, 12, or 16 tokens to put on your card
which will be used for however much wine you want to taste.
Meaning 16 tokens on your card, of course.

The afternoon began with a quick course where we were given our first glass of wine.
We learned the proper ways to look, smell, and taste our wine, rather than just chug it down
...which none of us do. Nope.

After we finished up here, we were set loose in the wonderland of wine.
There were all types of wine,
crisp, ripe, fruity, aromatic, even dessert!
A simple insert of your card and you're on to tasting whatever you'd like.

There was also a champagne bar, as well as a spirits lounge to taste liquors.
We stuck to wine and champagne.

Vinopolis has over 100 different wines to sample,
which means Heather and I will be back again.
...and again .. and probably one more time after that.

Can you blame me? WINE.


"Yeah, yeah yeah. That's really cool and all, but you said FREE STUFF HERE"
On to the free things!
It's actually even better than just free stuff - it's CATH KIDSTON.
Social moguls such as baby Prince George have been recently photographed wearing this,
so you're only one of the cool kids if you're wearing it too.
That's right - another giveaway!
I told you this was the greatest post ever...

All your Christmas/Hanukkah shopping is done and you're ready to relax for the rest of the holidays. But how would you like to win one more present for yourself? 

I've teamed up with some fabulous bloggers to give away a fabulous Cath Kidston tote. You can choose either one, or any item on the Cath Kidston website of equal or lesser value (or any combination of items totally to £45).

 Get to know your hosts and how to enter after the jump!
Clockwise from top left:
 The Lady Errant / The Lilac Linnet  / Anna in Wonderland / Where the Heart Is

Please take some time to pay these lovely ladies a visit!

Must be 18 to enter
13 with a parent/guardian's permission
Giveaway open to residents of:
Continental Europe (including Scandinavia)
United States
Entries WILL be verified. 

Winner will be contacted through email and will have 72 hours to claim the prize before another winner is chosen.

Enter below:
Giveaway runs from December 24-January 2

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