Sunday Lovin'

1. The last Sunday of 2014. What??
It's hard to reflect back on this year, because everything in my being was going towards moving to London.
To finally be here is pretty ridiculous, if you ask me.
A lot of hard work paid off, and still paying off.
From the time I went to study abroad, I never thought the next year could top it,
but that was 3 years ago, and every year since has been even better? Now that's what's actually ridiculous.
But I'm not complaining - bring on 2015 - I'm ready for ya!

2. This article on life - Why My Life Isn't Falling Into Place.
Very fitting for this time in my life,
and probably yours as well.
One of my biggest downfalls is I'm big on 'the comparies.'
I know what my life is and I am over the moon about it,
but there are times I see others adventures, successes, etc. and get a little down that I don't have that too.
But everyone has a story - most of us only choose to talk/show/post about the good things.
And that's totally fine. Why would I bask in my struggles?
It just makes you realize that we'll never have it all.
And we'll most likely never have it all figured out either.
But hey - that's life, right?

Check it out - it's kind of creepy. And cool.

5. I reached 30K views last week! For just 6 months with this little space, I feel pretty good about that.
To celebrate, I am being that typical blogger and created this little feedback survey for you all.
Just a few questions about you, and me, and this here blog thang.

Happy 2015!!


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