Sunday Lovin'

1. Can you believe it'll be 2015 next week?
I swear it was 2012 yesterday...
The years have flown by faster than I can imagine,
and I can't decide if I like it or not.
I'm so excited to see what the future brings,
but I want to live this amazing life right now!
I guess it's more of a good problem to have than a bad one, right?

2. I'm starting to try and eat healthier, and Heather's got me real interested in this quinoa craze.
Have you seen all the quinoa recipes on Pinterest?
Who knew how good food can still be, even when you make a few better changes..

2. I saw Donmar Warehouse's production of City of Angels last night,
and I was absolutely blown away.
It's possibly the best show I've ever seen.
The cast was ridiculous, the set was stunning - I can't say enough good things about it.
Absolutely going back if I manage to get tickets.

3.Taylor at Due East Blog
because she is doing all the traveling.
She was just in Iceland, now in America,
and about to embark for the next two weeks throughout Europe, starting in Prague.
And she's not bringing her camera. WHAT?
No, it makes sense. Just check her out.

While Heather and I won't be back with our families in the states,
we've got the day set - 
Baking, pizza, wine, onesies, presents, more wine.
I mean.... can Christmas get better than that??

Speaking of Christmas...and alcohol...
Heather and I have been delving into some Christmas cocktail to spice up the holiday,
and lucky for us, 
we found some extra spicey holiday drinks at Bar Soho in Covent Garden or Core in Bank.
They feature the limited edition Jagermeister Spice which is obviously delicious,
and a bunch of other goodies.

If you're trying to spice up your Christmas week without going out to the bars, though,
why not make these treats at home?
A few of my favorites (which, of course, include wine and chocolate):

P.S. I Love J (Jagermeister, duh)
- 25 ML Jagermeister Spice
- 25ML Baileys
- 12.5ML Amaretto
- 12.5ML Kahlua
- 50ML half milk/half cream
Shake this baby over ice, and you're set.

Spicey Stag Punch
- 50ML Jagermeister Spice
- 12.5ML Amaretto
- 12.5ML Chambord
-  25ML Red Wine
- 12.5ML Lemon Juice
- A dash of Grenadine
Top it off with Lemonade, and start drinking.

And if these are a bit complex for you, why not just make some boozey hot chocolate?
Literally, just add Jagermeister Spice and Bailey's to hot chocolate.

These will definitely make us feel a littttttle more mature,
if that's possible while wearing a onesie...


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