Looking Back and Looking Forward

Another year gone, another one begins - WOW!
This may have been the quickest year of my life.
What a great one it's been, though.

I started this little space as a 'travel/studyabroad/callitwhatyouwant' type of blog.  I wrote about my adventures through Europe, favorite locations, bucket lists, etc.
I wrote about the things that pertained to my life at the time - looking for jobs, finding a flat, getting a visa, moving to London, etc.
And now I'm IN London - I'm traveling less, settling more, but still writing about what is going on in my life.
It's different.

So how do I manage to make that transition from writing about travel to writing more about life, and having people want to still read?
I mean, you can't write about your past forever.
Why would I want to?

I love my life right now, and that's what I want to share.
I'm finding out who I am, what I want,
what opportunities are out there, and working towards that things that I want.
Whether that includes a trip to another country, a night out in the city, what I'm doing towards my degree, or even a visit to the theatre
 it's my life in London, and that's what I started writing here for.

Plain and simple, this blog began to document my life, and that's exactly what I'm doing.
I'm an expat - I'm making a life for myself on the other side of the word.
I found something (erm, somewhere?) that took hold of my heart, and couldn't shake it until I found my way back. And what do you do in those cases? Duh, you find your way back.
It's called chasing your dreams.

And I guess that's what this blog really comes down to in the end.
It's about being passionate about your life - finding what you truly want, and going for it.

The fact that people want to read about it, in my case though, is something I wasn't completely expecting, but turned out to be more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

"Thank you for documenting everything you've gone through"

It's receiving things like this that make me so happy I decided to start this blog.  I remember before I traveled abroad for the first time, I went crazy on blog-searches for any type of real experience, not some Lonely Planet review or London travel guide. While they are great resources, I wanted to read about a someone's personal journey - someone like me.

And to be able to get messages like this - that I'm helping someone with their decisions on studying abroad, moving abroad, whatever it may be - is absolutely priceless.
Thank god for Heather, who was always there to bring me down from craziness and overwhelming thoughts about the future and what we were doing.  I'm all for independence, but having someone to give the reassurance that I was taking the right path is something that I needed. And to be able to be that person for other people is an amazing feeling. 
Talk about paying it forward, eh?

 Look, I have no idea what the next year is going to bring for me.
I could find a job in London, I could not.
I could preparing to fly back to America this time next year - I could be jumping ship to some other random place. Who knows really.

2014 has been a year of doing everything I'd been dreaming of.
And now that, after three years of work, that's out of the way,
I'm pretty excited to see where 2015 is going to take me.

Thank you for reading this little space and for taking this adventure with me.

Happy New Year!



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