Halway Through - On Working Towards Something You Don't Know Will Work Out

December already?

I'm HALFWAY FINISHED with a Master's degree!
For how much of a school person I'm not, I should be proud enough to have gotten this far..

I've spent the last weekend wandering around London,
trying to make sense that I actually live here.
I was in Trafalgar Square yesterday texting Heather pictures with
"Just in case you forgot, we live here. Like I can look at this every day because we live here.
How cool is that?"

If you've read this blog before, you pretty much know the story.
Blah blah, study abroad, blah blah, life changed,
blah blah, work work work, blah blah moved back to London.

Moving back here though, I did it knowing that it was for and unforeseeable future.
And as much as I absolutely hate not knowing the outcome - with a passion.
A serious hate, I'll tell ya.
There is also something so thrilling about it too.
I'm making all of my dreams come true, but have no idea what's to come next.

Isn't that the beauty of it all though?
Four years ago, I didn't even know what London would mean to me,
Four years before that I didn't know how theatre would change me.
Who knows what the next four are going to show me...

I was actually asked this other week in an interview,
"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
To which I gave the absolute worst answer for - 
not only was I completely taken back with the realization that I had NO idea where I would be in 5 years,
I then had to mumble up some type of an answer that would sound like I had a plan.
 Which I do - but the plan I had 5 years ago is no where near where I am now.

So I couldn't be anything but honest.
Never could I have predicted where I have been in these past years,
how do you expect me to know where I'll be in the next?

Life has taken so many twists and turns,
and I've learned more about myself and what I'm capable of - 
which is more than I could ever imagine.

So while I am completely and utterly terrified of the future,
I couldn't be more excited.
Because so far, life has been everything I've ever wanted.



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