Fab Four Friday

The boys are back in town.....

Just a fun little song that always gets me dancing.
Don't tell me you don't just love to shout the YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! during this.
And nope, it's not She Loves You, although the songs are similar...


- They wrote this song as a little play on words -
it won't be long til I belong to you.
Get it???? BE LONG til I BELONG?
Clever guys...

-  The song was recorded in only two sessions.
Ten takes of the song in the morning, and seven takes in the afternooon.
Ya think they might have been sick of the song after that day?

- If you listen, you can hear the awesome backing vocal/harmonies of Paul and George
during the middle 'Since you left me...' part.
They are singing the words that John is but in a slower length.
(I think..)
Whatever it is, it makes the song sound that much better.

I just love this video - they are the cutest!
But really - how happy does Ringo look boppin around on the drums?



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