True Ginspiration


The Warwick is a classy bar located right in the heart of the West End.
They just underwent some renovations and have created the ultimate gin emporium
where they are working their liquor skills to create the perfect Gin & Tonic.

Heather and I were invited to check the bar out, and attend their Master Class to learn some 'gin-ology'.
We were introduced to all that The Warwick has to offer - and they have a LOT.
From African inspired botanicals to artisan small batch produce, we were in for a great night of gin.

At the end, we needed to choose which gin was our favorite
so that they could make us a final drink with it.
Which is hard for me to do - because how can you ever choose only one favorite of anything?

We were given an introduction to each gin, and then a sample to try straight.
Good thing they advised us to add splash of water to each glass,
or else I may not have remembered if I liked the last few...

Well then - let's get to it.


Portobello Road Gin
Containing 9 botanicals, including nutmeg and licorice,
the drink is garnished with tasty grapefruit.
Like you'd imagine, it has a very citrusy, fresh taste.

Berkeley Square Gin
This was my first favorite.
....between the only two I had drank so far .
It was much more herby, infused with sage.
It'll be garnished with basil in your gin & tonic.
This was so incredibly smooth going down - 
and when it comes to straight liquor - I do like it smooth.

Whitley Neill Gin
On to the third!
It contains 9 African botanicals, including the baobab tree and physalis.
Don't worry - I had to look these up too.
The baobab tree looks like the Lion King tree, and physalis is a fruit similar to the tomato.
The gin goes down very smoothly, so obviously it became my new favorite.
This drink is also garnished with an orange twist - YUM.

 Sipsmith Gin
My new favorite of the night... I promise this doesn't become a pattern.
Okay it sort of does.
Anyways - Sipsmith Gin contains 10 botanicals, including almond and lemon.
It's garnished with lemon and vanilla. I know - you're drooling already.
Well it tasted just as good as it sounds.
A little strong, a little spicy, and the aftertaste of almond was surprising and delicious.

Elephant Gin
So this one didn't make my list of favorites taste-wise,
it was my favorite brand.
Elephant Gin is made in Hamburg - you know that's where The Beatles played, right?
Surprisingly, though, that's not why it's my favorite.
15% of the profits are donated to two foundations that support the preservation of African Elephants.
Each bottle is named after a famous elephant - you can see we were drinking to Duke on this night.

Boodles Gin
Yup. New favorite.
And yup again - smooth.
Boodles is a sagey tasting gin.
It's garnished with a sprig of rosemary, and like I said before - VERY smooth.
Another way to describe it: delicious.
Hendrick's Gin
 This was the most recognizable of the bottles.
An incredibly cucumber-y tasting gin, which is like paradise for Heather
who is absolutely cuckoo for cucumbers.
The drink is garnished with Bulgarian rose and cucumbers.
And did I mention cucumbers?

 Williams Chase Gin
 The big winner of the night!
Distilled from organic apples, and garnished with an apple slice the taste is so fruity, and fresh.
I mean, it tasted like apples! How could I not choose this?!


Next up - the drinks.
Like I said, I chose Williams Chase.
And Heather
-although I thought her cucumber craze would take over-
decided to try something different and chose Sipsmith.

Our fantastic teachers concocted everyone's favorite gin & tonics,
and we were sent upstairs to the main floor to enjoy, mingle, and eat the snacks that were supplied to us.
Booze and mini-burgers?
It actually doesn't get any better than that.

The Warwick is located right off of Regent Street at 1-3 Warwick Street.
The closest Tube Station is Piccadilly Circus - close as in, it's right around the corner,
so don't worry about getting lost after you've decided to try each type of Gin & Tonic they have to offer.

Thank you to The Warwick Bar & PRandEverythingInbetween for this lovely event and a great night out!



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