The Commitments - The Palace Theatre

If you've read anything about me, you know I'm quite the old folk when it comes to my music.
So what better way to spend my Sunday night than rocking out to some soul tunes?

The Commitments was a 1980s novel, that was eventually turned into a film,
and has now been turned into a musical.
It follows a group of young Irish kids as they make their way into the music scene.
Led by the ambitious and unfortunately untalented Jimmy Rabbitte -
he brings a group of lads and lasses together and lets us watch their roller coaster of a journey
as they attempt to become the world's greatest soul band.

Denis Grindel leads the group as Jimmy - and between his witty banter and defying logic wearing what I think may be the skinniest pair of jeans in the entire world, he does his West End debut with great justice.
Daniel Lloyd - playing Deco, the lead of the group - woos the audience with his gorgeous voice,
all while driving his band mates hilariously crazy.
And the girls of the group, Imelda, Bernie, and Natalie
- played by Sarah O'Connor, Jessica Cervi, and Natalie Hope -
add the sexy to the soulfulness of the group.
It was a great cast who were impressively able to hate each other, then love each other, then hate each other, then ... I think you get where I'm going with this.

'Papa Was A Rolling Stone,' 'Knock On Wood,' 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine.'
And those are just a few of the incredible throwbacks you'll be hearing through the night.
The show is a great story, packed full of laughs, and you'll be tapping your foot from start to finish.
I mean, what more could you ask for?

And if what more you are asking is 'Come on Caity - WHEN CAN I DANCE!!??'
Don't worry - you'll finally get the chance to rock around the theatre - and believe me,
you'll be itching to do so throughout the entire show.
The post-show encore is packed full of energy from both the stage and the crowd,
as well as plenty of amazing tunes to sing along to.
Daniel Lloyd took great advantage of these sing alongs, and even jumped down into the aisle during 'Mustang Sally' for some audience vocals.
Yep - you know where this is going...
Mic shoved in my face - terror throughout the theatre.
Juuuuust kidding.
Lucky for them I backed away a bit, grabbed the woman next to me and sacrificed her to musical embarrassment instead - I'm clearly an 'every man for himself' type of girl.
No one thanked me, but if they only knew what I sounded like outside of the shower, they definitely would have.

All in all - it was a great feckin' show!

The Commitments plays from Tuesday - Saturday 7:30PM, with Saturday matinees at 3:00PM and Sunday performances at 2:30PM & 7:00PM.
The running time for this show is approximately 2 hours, 20 minutes with an intermission. 


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