Sunday Lovin'

Okay, OKAY.
I know it's November.
But we're on London time - and that means I'm actually about 3 weeks late for Christmas...

.. more like 'not quite but pretty much so we're just going to act like it is' CHRISTMAS!
Heather and I aren't going home to our families this year - it will actually be our first holiday away from home.

We decorated our flat the other day courtesy of poor girl's grocery heaven - Poundland.
And I have to say - with the exception of the tinsel that looks like glow-in-the-dark snow, the place looks prettttttty good.
I was going to put a picture below, but there's one on my twitter
so heeyoooo self-promo plug --> follow me HERE

2) Speaking of,
Heather and I watched all of the Christmas adverts last night too.
And that was just the icing on the cake - I'm absolutely obsessed with the holidays in London.
Not to mention Tom Odell's cover of The Beatles 'Real Love'
I'm never particularly in favor of Beatles covers
(I meeeeeean if it ain't broken...),
but I have to admit - Tom did em' well.
AKA I've played it about 6 times tonight alone.

3) Also still speaking of Christmas, how cute are these Christmas cards??
(Courtesy of Jess at Stamp in My Passport)
Currently sending to every family member, friend, and stranger.

4) Snow goes in with this now Christmas themed post, right?
Well, Van at SNOW in Tromso did a complete blog renovation, and I'm loving it!
She's basically me, except she's German and living in Norway.
But I mean, that's BASICALLY the same thing, right?

5) This coming week I've got an event with the lovely PRandEverythingInbetwen at The Warwick on Thursday.
And I'll just say - there will be gin. Lots of gin.
I'll also be out in the West End seeing The Commitments tonight, and I'm SO excited!
I've heard a lot of great things about this show and I'm ready to rock out to some oldie goodies.
Watch this space for reviews on both events!

And now I'm ending this with the greatest father-daughter duo ever -
Actually. can't. handle. the. cuteness.


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