Sunday Lovin

1) My parents are here!
An amazing visit from those crazy Floridians has made this week one of the best.
I took them around the country, to a few shows - which you'll probably be seeing posts and pics up here this coming week -
and I also let them stock me up on clothes, groceries, and decorations. I know - how sweet am I?
They are here until Tuesday, and it just makes my heart so happy to have some family in town for a bit!

2) This guy who explained his life to his Grandma as if it is the story from Frozen.
Ahhhh, I just love grandparents so much..

3) Remember Marielle at This Flooded Sky?
Well forget all of that.
It's Elle, at The Lady Errant now, and I'm loving this change.
She's still writing all the relatable random brilliance that you know,
and if you don't know ... then why not??

4) Christmas!
Yes, it may be November,
but Christmas has been creeping into London since September,
and Halloween is over now, so the city has been properly drowned by the holidays
and how can you not love that? IT'S CHRISTMAS.

5) Memphis the Musical.
I saw this show an embarrassingly amount in a very short time,
so I guess this is the time to tell you I'm pretty obsessed with good theatre.
Obsessed as in, almost at my Beatles love level. 
I KNOW - How can you be so sickly obsessed with more than one thing?
I really actually don't know, but I've beaten all the skeptics and here I am...

Memphis takes place in 1950s Memphis, Tennessee,
when blacks and whites weren’t to mix. 
 Main character Huey Calhoun, however, did not see the logic in this and made himself right at home at Delray’s - the underground black Rock and Roll bar.
Finding a passion in this ‘forbidden’ music, was determined to not only get this music heard, but to make a star out of the utterly talented (and little sister to bar owner Delray) Felicia Farrell.

 Then this happens, and that happens, and she finds an interest in him while this is going on over there.
AKA - go see the show and find out what happens for yourself!

Leads Beverley Knight and Killian Donnelly, along with the rest of this phenomenal cast, will not only give you some of the greatest singing you've yet to hear, but give you an evening with a little laughing, a little crying,
and a LOT of dancing.
Trust me
- and by now, you really should be following my recommendations with blind eyes -
you need to see this show.



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