Miss Saigon - Prince Edward Theatre

Told you it wouldn't be too long before a review.

Rarely do I ever leave the theatre speechless, but Monday night did me in.
If I were to grab my first quote walking out, I'm pretty sure it was
"that was the most serious show I have ever seen."

I wasn't sure what to expect with Miss Saigon with how little I knew about it.
The only thing I did know was that it was written/produced by the same team behind Les Miserables,
so of course I was expecting to love it.

Which I did. Obviously.

The story takes place at the height of the Vietnam War,
and focuses on a love found between a young Saigon girl, Kim, and an American GI, Chris.
They vow their love forever, just before they are ripped apart when the city falls.

Three years later, Chris has created a new life for himself back in America with new wife Ellen,
while Kim waits for her soldier to come back for her.

What? You expect more than that?
Go see the show!

The cast for this show was absolutely phenomenal.
I've seen plenty of shows throughout my lifetime, but this was some of the realest acting I've experienced.

I have never seen a complete transformation into roles like I did in this show.
Alistair Brammer and Eva Noblezada, who played leads Chris and Kim, gave a heart-breaking performance.
I honestly had to take a moment to remember this wasn't actually their real lives.

And Jon Jon Briones, playing The Engineer,
put on undoubtedly one of the best performances I have ever witnessed.
Witty, charming, hateful, and hilarious - you truly hate to love this guy.


This show reminded me a LOT of Les Miserables.
Between the sudden melody changes, to singing just about everything,
to the extremely parallel scenes, for example The Confrontation in Les Mis and Thuy's Death/You Will Not Touch Him in Miss Saigon.

I mean, who's complaining?
Les Miserables is my favorite show.

It was also very cool to see, being that they were written by the same group,
the similarities between the two shows, but also noticing how incredibly different they are.

The effects were another thing that really got me.
This show is absolutely MASSIVE.
With a cast of over 40 people, and an ever-going stage,
there was a lot to do with the show.
And let me tell you - they took full advantage of that.

Every scene was technically tailored by the lighting, smoke, and sounds to suit it's purpose.
I was in awe for the entire duration of the production.
Particularly, The American Dream scene was one that left a smile on my face.
The lighting was detailed, theatrical, and suited every movement Briones made.


Overall, I left with the feeling that I would definitely be back,
and I think that's apart of every productions intentions for their audiences.
So congrats, Miss Saigon - you'll be seeing me again!

And if none of this sold you - there's a actual helicopter that flies on the stage.
Yes. A helicopter.
You're welcome.


Miss Saigon plays from Monday - Saturday 19:30, with matinee performances Thursday & Saturday 14:30.
The running time for this show is approximately 2 hours, 50 minutes with an intermission.


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