Fab Four Friday

I'm still here!
Clearly spoke too soon about time management,
but I've got things coming!
My parents are in town this week which you'll find updates on,
I've got a gin mixology class and a coffee and cheese event in the next few weeks
you'll also be hearing about.
I know ... I didn't know coffee and cheese went together either?
BUT today is Friday, and you already know what that means...
Since I took my parents to Stonehenge yesterday,
I thought this would be the perfect song.
The Beatles performed this in the film Help!
and they performed it at - can't you already guess?
It's such a great song, and one of my favorite movies of all time.
So enjoy the cuteness of the boys - I've already watched this three times since I've posted.
Nooo I haven't.

(Yes I have) 


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