Why You Should Travel With Your Best Friend

I see so many posts:
"17 Reasons You Should Travel Alone"
"Why Going Solo Is The Way To Go"
"Traveling Alone Is What You Should Do"
"Blah Blah Blah Blah"

I mean, you can only write about the same topic in so many different ways and it still be inspiring...

I do completely agree with these posts - they are great.
You should travel alone - have the solo experience;
really learn about who you are.

But I'm not writing about that today.
While I'm all for that,
I'm even more for traveling with your friends.

You all know Heather.
Well, by now you should.
And if not, you should probably visit this page
that will - while it should be updated - give you the details.

Heather and I met as a random roommate assignment on our study abroad semester three years ago.
Everything I have experienced since then has been with her.
We've basically become a package deal. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

And all of the amazing,
and strange,
things that we've done have been together too.
It's been pretty great, if I say so myself.

Like that one time we slept on the street,

Or the time we actually decided to dress like Leprechauns in Ireland,

Or that other time we became backup dancers

And then the time after that when we became the actual singers...

What I'm saying is
you can go on your own and get a soul-searching experience.
But I've done my fair share of traveling,
and I've done it all with someone else.
But even so,
I've still found myself and who I am more than I ever believed I could,

It's a different type of friendship when you find yourself in these situations you've never been in before.
Having someone to deal with the issues and chaos doesn't take away how scary it is when you're running through an airport about to miss a flight, or on a train full of German men yelling at you.
But I know that I was glad to have someone there to calm me down when my anxiety was hitting the roof.

And having them to experience all of the amazing memories too is really something special.
No one understands what we've been through, and what we are currently going through.
But to have someone who DOES get it,
well, it's pretty great.


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