Sunday Lovin'

1) London life. I'm loving it.
And it feels so great to say that with the frustrating beginning we had.
I'm working, getting well into my classes, and finding the time to enjoy myself in the city.
I'm so into those cheesy reflective posts, so I'd prepare for one pretty soon if I were you..

2) The 22 Coldest Things That Have Ever Happened on Buzzfeed,
because I'm sorry, but it's hilarious.

3) Kaelene's ABC's of Travel.
Such a fun post idea, I may have to steal it for myself!

4) Ashley took advantage of her flying discounts and jumped across the pond for a few days.
Just a quick and spontaneous visit, because she can't stay away.
And to me that's pretty cool - if you want to do something, GO FOR IT.

5) The fact that London sets out their Christmas decoration, sales, and promos before America even does it.
I mean, I've been seeing Christmas things for the past two weeks and it's barely October..
But of course it's on here because I absolutely love it - who ever has a problem starting Christmas early?

6) A few never before seen images of Elvis Presley.
Because let's face it, the guy is just great to look at...
You're welcome.

5) The Kinks musical, Sunny Afternoon.
I just saw this earlier today and had so much fun!
Not to mention I saw next to a couple from Liverpool.
I tell you, it follows me. Aaaaaaand I'm so okay with that.


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