Sunday Lovin'

Was absent last week, but I'm baaaaaack!
Links and things I'm lovin'..

1) Taylor's dorm room.
WHY does my life never look this clean, organized, and cute???

2) Can I self-promote on my own blog? Oh well, I'm doing it.
I had two features on different sites this week,
one about pre-London life, and one about post-London life.
Pretty crazy to read one after another to see the differences in my feelings at the times.

This past week my interview with went live!
I talk about my study abroad experience in London, and how it's impacted me..
as if currently living in London wasn't enough impact - check it out HERE

I was also a guest poster in Marielle at This Flooded Sky's series Hello World.
This is on my post-London move, and I'll give a spoiler - it's a little rough.
Moving here wasn't exactly what I imagined.
Amazing, but different. Verrrrrrry different.

3) October calendar desktops.
These from Evelyn Henson, and these from Maiedae.
Currently using one on each desktop - way too cute.

5) I've got this great little group of Beatle loving girls.
Five of us together, who completely understand this crazy passion we've got for The Beatles.
In the past two years, four of us have had the pleasure of meeting Paul McCartney,
and Beth was the last of us to meet him,
Yep - called up on stage, a nice big hug and kiss from the man, and a signature on her arm that she's tattooed on.  The craziness that I absolutely love!
Just watch - I mean really, how awesome is this?


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