Shhhhh! It's A Speakeasy!

Last week, I was invited by PR and Everyting Inbetween to the launch event
for a new bar opening in North London.
B.Y.O.C. Camden is a speakeasy themed bar, where you'll feel like you've stepped right into the 1920's.

You all are well aware how much I love my old school - and this place, was REALLY old school.
Men in blinders hats, some Gene Austin and Paul Whiteman on the speakers,
the fact that we were underground and without windows to the outside world added to the imagination.

Wait, what imagination?
I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm pretty sure I literally went back in time.

The format of this bar is something unlike anything I've seen these days.
B.Y.O.C. - Bring Your Own Cocktail - is a literal term here.

Back in the prohibition days, alcohol was forbidden,
and if you missed my memo earlier - you're now in that time.
See those blackjack tables and roulette wheels?
We're drinking in disguise here.

Okay, so how this works.
A £25 cover fee and a bottle of liquor gets you into the bar with access to all of the flavors to create all the cocktails for your tasting pleasures.
Not to mention their blends are an entire selection of homemade organic syrups, pressed juices, with spices and herbs - so when I say tasting pleasures, I really mean it.

Easier noted:
You supply the goods (liquor), they supply the REAL goods (mixings).

The mixologists have an intuition for great drinks.
And by that, I mean I asked for long and refreshing cocktail, and my bartender had decided off the top of her head that she was going to try and mix two separate cocktail recipes together as one.
When she's never done that before.
Who thinks of that?
And not only that - who thinks of that, AND is right about it being a fantastic drink?

Yep, I was sold.
You'll be seeing me back there again soon.

All images used are credited to B.Y.O.C.

B.Y.O.C. Camden is easy to find - step out of the Morning Crescent Tube Station,
a few steps up Camden High Street and you're there.

To make a booking, head over to B.Y.O.C. Camden,
and move fast - this place just opened, and they're booking up nightly!


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