Fab Four Friday

If you've ever underestimated my love for The Beatles,
this post may completely convince you. 

Yes, that's Paul (and grandfather).
And yes, that's us.
And I'm pretty proud of this comparison - except for the fact that I'm lacking the moustache...

Last week, our friend Jenna came to visit us in London.
And Jenna is a huge Beatles fan just like us - we actually met through our shared passion for them and their music.

We went all over London to different Beatles spots, just like the one above -
Marylebone Station.

This is the station where the first scenes of their film A Hard Days Night were filmed.
And you know if we're going to be in the exact location, we're bound to do some reenactments.

The above picture is in Marylebone Station, where Paul is disguising himself as all the fangirls chase John, George, and Ringo.

And below is the scene of the fangirls chasing John, George, and Ringo ....
which was filmed right outside the station on Boston Place.

It's one of the greatest scenes of the movie because George takes a completely unplanned tumble onto the sidewalk,
and Ringo goes down right on top of him.

John is just running and laughing, and the whole thing is just so adorable and hilarious.

Aaaaaaaaand you know we just had to reenact that too.

Here's the opening scene of the movie:

Replay if you must - I always have to.

And here's our 'opening scene'

I got a pretty nice bruise on my knee from this, but it was so worth it.
Possibly one of the most fun things I have done with my friends.

Yes, I know .... we're obsessed.

Happy Friday!


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