Fab Four Friday

Two Fab Four Fridays in a row? Yep, time-management is fiiiiiiinally coming along..

Ever heard of John Lennon? 
You know, just one of the greatest songwriters in the history of music,
in THE greatest band of all time.
And if you're on my page, I sure hope you've heard of him by now.

John's birthday was yesterday, so today's all about him.
He would have been 74 if he were here, and I know we all wish he was.
He is one of the goofiest, passionate, and just straight up brilliant men in music.
I clearly can't get enough of him.

He's a big part, probably the biggest, of how The Beatles came together.
John had been into forming a band since he was 16 years old.
His first was called The Quarrymen, which began with a few friends from Primary School.
Paul McCartney and George Harrison were both asked to join within the next year,
and after a few gigs and plenty of other names,
 (Johnny and the Moondogs, Beatals, The Silver Beetles...)
an official name was chosen, Ringo came along, the heavens aligned,
and The Beatles were made.

The first song that John wrote was called 'Hello Little Girl,'
and as you've probably guessed, I'm obsessed with it.

It was given to the band, The Fourmost, and became a top hit for them.
Buuuuuuuut I biased to John singing it.

Take a listen below,
the video even includes some adorable pictures for you to gush at, free of charge...

Happy Friday!


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