Fab Four Friday

Welcome back! 
It's been a little while - but you know me, I can't NOT talk about The Beatles for too long.
And I mean really, how many other things are as interesting as these boys and their music...???

If you've read my blog before, you should know what that place above is.
Yup - it's the Cavern Club!
Or as I like to call it, the greatest place in the world.

Now, a long long time ago - it didn't look exactly what it looked like today.
It as actually an entirely different building in the same location.

The original Cavern Club was closed in 1973 and torn down due to some underground construction - THAT ACTUALLY NEVER HAPPENED.
Yea, they essentially brought down the most famous club in the world for no reason.
I'm bitter about it too.

The club was rebuilt in 1984 using majority of the original bricks, and officially reopened in 1991.

But that's almost 30 years later than what I'm talking about here.
The Cavern Club is most known for being the place where The Beatles were discovered by their manager, Brian Epstein.

The boys played this club 292 time between 1961 - 1963,
and made their final appearance six months before they went to take on America
where Beatlemania took off.

This is one of the few videos you'll find of them playing in The Cavern,
and can I just say how cute they look bopping around on the tiny stage?


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