Classic Car Boot Sale

Thanks to my new best friend Time Out London
I've been able to find more free/cheap things going on around this city - which for a broke student like myself,
that is absolutely ideal. And all I can actually afford.
Carnaby's GQ Style Night was one of the events I found on there, and that was a great night,
so when I saw the Classic Car Boot Sale - okay, when I saw '1960's vintage fair & swing dancing,'
I knew we were going.

The fair took place in Stratford, right in Olympic Park.
There were numerous tents filled with the greatest antiques!
There were 1£ teacup sets, vintage cars and bikes, record and players, jewelry and clothes, and the old suitcases that I've ALWAYS wanted to own!

There was a Routemaster Bus that doubled as a bar with a DJ on the top.
The only difference was this DJ was actually good - playing only vinyls all day!
There were swing dancing lessons every hour or so as well.
Next time we'll plan ahead and bring our (imaginary) boyfriends to be our dance partners.

I left with an absolutely gorgeous green and gold tea set and a vintage amethyst ring
(that I may never take off).

Oh, and this - just the greatest purchase of the day...

Of course Heather and I were crazy on the records.
I had been looking for Beatles For Sale everywhere we went, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get it when I saw it here!

We happened to begin our collection back in America, and only continued it at this festival.
It would be pretty nice if we actually purchased a record player soon too .... 


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