The Greatest City You Will Ever Visit

..... okay, I may be a bit biased. But I fully believe that to be true.

Coming back to Fab Four Friday, we're talking about the city The Beatles came from, also known as my favorite place in the world; Liverpool.

Liverpool is one big party.
You will find everything there - shopping, parks, pubs, clubs, bars
and just recently, a giant zip line (I'm still confused about that one).

Heather and I have been here many times - many, many, many times.
We usually like to frequent one street that is full of every type of life.
Mathew Street.

We have our own little routine of where we start and where we end up, which is always the Cavern Club.
This was the place where The Beatles were discovered by their manager, so you know there's a lot of Beatles songs played down there.
Along with some Searchers, Gerry & The Pacemakers, and The Kinks, and I'm in my heaven.

We met up with old friends, met a LOT of new friends, and got up on stage and sung Hey Jude,
and it was terrible.
Seriously - who forgets the words to Hey Jude?
I blame cider.

I won't go into too much detail, but I will tell you it is a place where you'll do no wrong.
I never knew it was possible to be that happy until I came here, and every weekend I am here adds on to 'one of the greatest weekends of my life'

I'll leave you with the pictures, and hopefully that convinces you more than my words.

And then we had the brilliant idea to get up on stage and sing.
Thanks to our good friend and photographer Alan for catching the photos below
(and no videos, thank god)
You can tell who the real photographer is out of the two of us.

And in the end,
it was another weekend for the books.
And as if you didn't already assume, we'll be back next month.

Thanks Liverpool.

All of the quality photographs you see, as well as this post's cover photo are via Alan at Cavern Photos


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