Sunday Lovin'

You're usual Sunday, coming right up ...

1) Taylor at Due East just moved over here to London this past week, so I'm sending you off to her today for your daily London-ness.
She's living outside of Central London in an area I've never been before, but from her pictures looks gorgeous - she covers that in the post, so go learn a little about the London you don't know.
I'll be meeting her this coming week too, so I'm sure you'll hear about that from the both of when that happens.

2) Jamie from Gunters Abroad got her UK visa renewed for another year - YAY!
She also spent some time in London recently and covered some of her favorite places.
So after you go check out Taylor, pay this girl a visit for this London-ness - it's some good stuff.

3) This Tube Map of the Future.
More blue lines, pink lines, cross-rails, high speed..
Is this going to be underground still or will we be traveling by hover-train by then too?

4) Brooke from World of Wanderlust on Places You Must Visit in South America.
Literally every reason why I am dying to backpack around South America.
Some of the most incredible sights I have ever seen
.... in pictures. For now.

5) Belinda on Found Love, Now What? on the Highlands in Scotland.
You all already know this is one of my favorite place,
so I'm always loving a good post about it full of stunning photographs.

6) This live art video of a woman's life from birth to old age.
You'll think you want to watch 30 seconds, but then you can't stop.
SO amazing


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