Sunday Lovin'

1) As I'm writing this, I'm realizing how big of a week this was - so many great things have happened,
and I'm so excited about it.
The adjustment of being here was a lot more difficult than the last time I moved here,
and it was absolutely unexpected.
I don't know why I imaged rainbows and butterflies, but I thought it was going to be all hoity-toity dandy as everything.
This week finally gave me that turning point into 'this is really good,'
and I'm finally getting to the conclusion that in fact, this WAS everything I have ever wanted.

2) I started my university orientation this past Thursday,
met the group of students in my course, and everyone was so incredibly nice.
I am absolutely an 'I hate, HATE school' type of person.
As in, the day I graduated college was top greatest days of my life.
Being back, it's still unreal that I made the voluntary choice to do it,
but after this week, I really think it's a great thing, and I'm so excited for the year.

3) I finally moved into my official home on Friday!
Heather and I didn't live together in our short-term accommodation, and it sucked.
Our mile walk to the tube, stranger roommates, and no space has been upgraded to an incredible view of the Tower Bridge, Tower of London, and the Shard, a spacious living room, our own bathrooms, and being roommates again,
and I'm still pinching myself that we actually found this place.
Seriously too good to be true.
I wish this photo did the view justice, but it is so much better.

4) I have finally stopped topping my ego and came to terms that I am the worst packer ever.
 I can't do it.
Moving to London - terrible. I left so many things at home that I wanted because I couldn't find a way to fit it.
Moving to our new place on Friday - TERRIBLE.
I mean, it's probably a terrible choice to have waited to pack the morning that we moved,
but besides the fact - I just can't do it. And I don't think I'll ever learn.
But I've passed my denial, have let my anger go and accepted the fact.
I will never win.
So while I know I'll never stop traveling, I've decided to let Heather take care of the packing, and I take care of the planning.
The perfect team we are.

5) Trying to blog as much as I did in Florida is so damn difficult.
I want to visit places and take photographs and just show everyone the LIFE IN LONDON IS AMAZING part,
but time is so slim right now - how are there so many things to do!?
Don't worry, I've got plenty of things up my sleeve to come,
so don't go running just yet.

And let me reassure you, life in London IS in fact, AMAZING.

So to round it out, some links I've been lovin' this week - for your reading pleasure:
- Sara's celebrating her one year expativersary over in Bristol!
- Sammy is (hypothetically) opening up a hostel - free breakfast? I'M THERE.
- This new mini-series about Cilla Black's life growing up in Liverpool - no explanation needed for why I love this.
- Courtney's life in Madrid. Plain and simple - who doesn't want to live in Spain?
- And this article - Staying is Settling - because life isn't about being comfortable;

"You must never settle, never give in to the idea that you can’t have another one. Because the world is full of things to throw your heart into, things to make you weep and realize (yet again) why you’re alive."


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